Smooth n’ Sexy Shawn From CircleJerkBoys.com

October 31st, 2007|

Introducing Shawn From CircleJerkBoys.com

Shawn responded to an ad for a production assistant. Proving more then capable behind the lens, this 25 year old has a shiny smile in the center of his handsome face, an ass that fills a pair of jeans like no one’s business and a 6’3” frame that  belonged in front of the camera rather then behind. Since he had done such a good job, he was rewarded with a few of the DVD’s used during the shoot to perk up the models lol. He wasted no time in popping in the disc and immediately there after, popped some wood.  The rest well, it made for one hot debut. 

Enjoy more of Shawn at CircleJerkBoys.com

 You’re a hottie mister

Flesh & Blood Scene #1

October 31st, 2007|

Men4MenLive.TV Cinema

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 Flesh & Blood Scene #1


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Scene 1 Description:

Derrick, played by AVN award winning actor Kurt Young, shows up at the apartment of his dead brother, Erick, to go through his things only to find that his twin was gay and had a lover Kenny, played by Bryan Kidd. Kenny is very open and honest talking about their relationship and recounts when they officially became a couple and how hot the sex was in a rooftop encounter where they first made love. As he comforts Kenny, Derrick realizes that there were a lot of things about his brother that he never knew.

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Alex A Very Sweet Straight Boy!

October 30th, 2007|

Introducing Alex From EnglishLads.com

Alex is a drop dead gorgeous str8 lad showing off his hairy and muscular body. He opens his shirt and his jeans and the bulge gives away his very large erection. He pulls it out his fly and his uncut meat is standing straight up! Alex stays party clothed for quite a bit of the shoot, though strips off completely to lie down and put his legs in the air to show off his newly shaven hole and there are lots of close ups! All the teasing and Alex is ready to blow, he does a nice cum shot sitting down and gets it all over his hands and running back down his cock.

Enjoy Alex at EnglishLads.com

Alex you are one sweet straightboy

Dani & Orlando In Breakdown At MAP

October 30th, 2007|

Dani and Orlando At MENATPLAY.COM

When youre enjoying a relaxing day at home, the last thing you expect is a handsome man knocking on your door asking to come in. So when Dani opens the the door to find a stranded Orlando he is only to pleased to help. Unfortunately he suspects that his guest may be straight, so all he can do is dream of exploring what lies beneath the expensive suit. But is it all really just a one sided fantasy?

Very hot!

Sexy Tyson From UKNAKEDMEN.com

October 29th, 2007|

Introducing Tyson From UKNAKEDMEN.com

According to UKNAKEDMEN.com, Tyson, (he took the name from his pitbull) is the roughest, naffest and cutest lad they’ve ever had in the studio and nobody knows he has a taste for cock. He’s Essex born and bred and such a geezer you’re never be quite sure if he’s gonna hit you or kiss you. But he’s such a quiet, polite lad, you just want to take him under your wing. Enjoy Tyson!

What a sexy Brit you are

Christian Smooth & Sexy At MiamiBoyz.com

October 29th, 2007|

Introducing Christian From MiamiBoyz.com

Straight, 5′ 09" , 140, 7.5" Cut 

Christian is a hot young Cuban discovered hanging out at a local mall. He was happy to show off his lean body and hot suckable cock for the camera. He is straight and loves to fuck! Watch him show off for the first time in front of a camera only on MiamiBoyz.com

Nice dick sexy boy

Dean Flynn Newest NS Dream Team Member

October 29th, 2007|

Introducing Dean Flynn From Naked Sword

According to Dean, before he was a porn star he bided his time as a porn star in-training! "I’d submitted my photos to TitanMen a few years ago, and of course I thought the images I took with my cell phone were acceptable," he says with a laugh. "So, after I finally got some decent pictures taken, I resubmitted everything and received a call to come out for a feature." The fateful pairing between star and studio has recently resulted in a renewal of contract, insuring Dean Flynn as a Titan exclusive through 2009.

After a startlingly hot debut in the latest chapter of the studio’s spy franchise, SpyQuest 3, bloggers couldn’t stop buzzing about this new, all-American heartthrob. His lean physique, toned muscles, dimpled chin, and impressive assets below the waist have slowly but steadily built Dean a bulging base of superfans. Making an appearance at this year’s Folsom Street Fair along with his fellow TitanMen, Dean was one of the most relentlessly pursued stars in the tent — which says a lot in a studio filled with gorgeous men! After starring alongside them in filmes like Campus Pizza, The Road To Redneck Hollow, and the upcoming BarnStorm, Mr. Flynn, at the prime age of 26, has made himself a key piece of Titan Media’s porn dominance.

With a boy-next-door smile and a body to match many of our favorite classic porn legends, Dean Flynn is the perfect choice for the Naked Sword Dream Team. 

Dean’s Stats

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Going All The Way With Adam & Jack…

October 28th, 2007|

Introducing Adam and Jack

Here’s one to make many of you guys – he’s finally back! Yep, after 6 months away from BlakeMason, Adam returns for one very passionate session with the very hunky Jack.

Adam and Jack are both real big kissers so the oral action is here in abundance. The guys slowly undress and as the passion builds, hard throbbing cocks emerge which neither of them want to ignore! So begins some great cock-sucking action and plenty of sword play as Adam and Jack move around each others bodies with their mouths. Turned on to the max, Jack decides to sit down on Adam’s lovely meat and ride him. The moans of pleasure are unmistakable, especially when Adam decides to take control and put Jack on his back. With Adam thrusting his cock in to Jack’s tight hole, the feelings or pleasure intensify until Jack can hold off no longer.

Enjoy Adam and Jack at BlakeMason.com. 

Guys this is easy to relate to eroticism

Javier At ManAvenue.com

October 28th, 2007|

  Introducing Javier From ManAvenue.com

Javier is a very handsome guy and a personal trainer. He was really intent on showing off for the camera as you can see. Watch this rock hard muscle guy as he grabs his uncut man meat and shows you the results of his own ‘personal’ training. Be sure to see that hook in his dick…guaranteed to tickle …like a tonsil or a prostate gland…

Javier’s Stats

30 years old
Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
A fat 6 1/2" Dick
10 1/2 Shoe Size
Full of personality

Javier you are a very hot man


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Site Update!!

In addition to their weekly additions ManAveune has added an exciting NEW feature. 

Their Bonus Theatre (Hardgayfeeds from Pistol Media) is now available to all members giving you access to 700+ full-length movies from Hot Desert Knights, Czechboys, Fratmen, Jake Cruise, RearStable, Treasure Island Media and Sexgaymes.tv (those hot men from Australia). This bonus content is both solo and hardcore and is updated weekly or bi-weekly.

Handsome Evan Grey New At RandyBlue.com

October 27th, 2007|

Introducing Evan Grey From RandyBlue.com

Evan Grey is a hot muscle boy who attends college in Wisconsin. His milky white skin helps bring out out his gorgeous blue eyes. You can’t help but notice his blue eyes when you look at him.  His body is broad and ripped.  Evan has never done a jack off video before but, as he put it,  "Why not get paid for something I already do all the time." He has a very shy smile but, you can clearly see a little devil in him- It’s like he is constantly thinking all the dirty things he wants to do. Evan is one big walking fantasy. He walked into the shoot wearing shirt that reads RIDE ME.  You can tell that he loved showing his body and his big fact cock off to the camera. Knowing that thousands of people will be watching him jerk it turned him on so much. That thought fueled the explosive cumshot that ended the video.   Enjoy Evan!!

Evan is a major hottie

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