Introduing Christian Castillo At

He’d been back for 4 days before stopping by to do more work. Christian Castillo just spent the last 4 months bangin’ his baby momma in Cuba where he went to visit her and his now 2½ yr old daughter. She is his ideal as far as women go. She’s short, petite with big tits and long blond hair …and she has no ass. What kind of Cubanita is that? Lucky for her, Christian is not an ass man by any means and he love to play with her huge knockers. It had been 6 months since this monster-cocked Cubanito had had the opportunity to see her so he had a lot of sex to catch up on. The freakiest sex he had with her this trip was banging her on the hood of a car in a park. Fortunately for us and our viewers here at CircleJerkBoys, Christian isn’t opposed to resorting to somewhat “unconventional” methods of keeping his str8 “pingón” satisfied. Cuban101, lesson 1 = Pingón as in large “pinga”. Pinga which is Cuban for a thick Caribbean cock!. Any questions? If so, those will all be cleared up as soon as he drops his pants. When he was here last, Christian agreed to do a steamy duo with Keegan who did his best to accommodate Christian’s extra thick meat. The looks on poor Keegan’s face when Christian had his thick 8” cock shoved inside are hard to forget. Sometimes it just hurts soooo good. Ahhh, Good times.

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