Jeremy Roddick & Cliff Beltane At JeremyRoddick

August 31st, 2008|

Jeremy Roddick & Cliff Beltane At Jeremy Roddick

When Jeremy got the confirmation Cliff was ready to do his first anal scene ever, he was absolutely thrilled and decided to take part in it. Jeremy had been eyeing him for a while, and just knew he would be perfect. He’s certainly not new to porn, but since his debut, Cliff has always been the hung top.

After a little practice with some friends, he decided to show the world how versatile he can be. His straight attitude, tall and firm body, and his massive dick are real turn ons! Jeremy kinda had the straight-boy-gets-fuck fantasy, you know…

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Derrick Fucks Wake At CockyBoys.com

August 31st, 2008|


Derrick Vinyard – the big man returns in his final scene before retirement. This time Wake is his victim. You know by now Vinyard is a power top. He has a massive, thick cock and isn’t afraid to shove it in a boy’s ass hard, fast, and all the way. Honestly Wake was only supposed to give Vinyard a blowjob. We were all just screwing around in my loft, and decided to break out the camera and do one last scene with Vinyard. A third of the way into it Vinyard wanted to fuck Wake, and it got out of hand from there. It starts with Wake sucking Vinyard’s dick. Amazingly, Wake deep throats Vinyard’s cock all the way to the base. The boy must have no gag reflex at all! When Vinyard tells Wake he wants to fuck, Wake sits down on Vinyard’s cock. I’m not sure Wake knew what he was in for though, because Vinyard spins Wake around and pounds the hell out of his tight little ass doggie style. The best part comes when Wake ends up on his back. Vinyard fucks him so hard you can hear Vinyard’s balls slapping hard against Wake’s ass cheeks. Of course Vinyard goes out with a ‘bang’ blowing a massive load all over Wake. In the words of my man Vinyard, “Good times!”

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Carlos, Jeff And Alan At HotBareBacking.com

August 31st, 2008|

CARLOS, JEFF AND ALAN At HotBareBacking.com

Carlos is busy fucking Alan Gregorys face when Jeff Palmer shows up. Jeff takes over the face fucking while Carlos takes Alan from the rear. Before long Jeff join Carlos and they mercilessly double fuck Alan. Jeff then starts fucking Carlos, putting the stud in the middle of a sex sandwich. No it doesnt finish there…fisting is next as Jeff punches Alan’s ass. Carlos wants some of that action too and Jeff obliges, obviously loving every minute of his fist deep in Carlos meaty ass. 

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Matt, Anthony And Dirk At XtraInches.com

August 31st, 2008|


This release has it all including plenty of big dick to drool over. First Matt Cole fucks Anthony Martinez, then Anthony fucks Matt, before super stud and ripped to the shit house, Dirk Jager comes in and has a turn with insatiable Mr. Cole. All three have nice cocks which makes for a great bedroom-fuck. 

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Matt And Rick At HairyBoyz.com

August 31st, 2008|

MATT AND RICK At HairyBoyz.com

After Rick Hammersmith’s boyfriend drops him off at a seedy sex club, Hammersmith finds his way into the hands of Matt Sizemore for a fuck that will make your eyes pop! Sizemore fucks like an animal and Hammersmith takes the ride of a lifetime. Hairy men lovers will enjoy checking out hung Mr. Sizemore’s hairy physique.

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Erotikus At RearStable.com

August 31st, 2008|

EROTIKUS At RearStable.com

This is the crown jewel of muscle fucking – a motherfuckin beauty of an episode. International poster hunk for muscle bears, Turkish superstar Huessein, and rising Canadian megastar, the smokin hot Brendan Davies, come together in what could be the hottest fucking you have seen in a while. 

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BIG, BIGGER, BIGGEST – SCENE 2 At RearStable.com

Marcos David and Enrique Currero are already on their knees with Antonio Biaggis massive cock dangling above them. Antonio stands at full attention on the St. Andrews cross as Marcos and Enrique pay homage to his dick with their mouths and hands. Once they start fucking the energy rises. Antonio watches as Marcos pounds away at Enrique’s pink hole. Antonio’s dick stretches Enrique to the limit, literally pumping the cum into his balls. Marcos shoots while watching the fucking, followed by Antonio who pulls out and covers Enrique’s chest as Enrique pops his load and spills it on the floor. 

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Fire Pump – Niklos And Fabrice At HighOctane.com

August 31st, 2008|


The action begins with floppy blonde Niklos getting his feet worshiped by darker, older, but just as sexy Fabrice. Fabrice then moves up to Niklos’ young dick and gets the big cock raging hard, so hard that Niklos decides to fuck his pal. The fucking is hot to watch and leads too nice cumshots.  

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Meet Theo At BlakeMason.com

August 31st, 2008|

Meet Theo At BlakeMason.com

Damn, that’s huge! Actually, that is an understatement when talking about Theo’s 8 inch thick, straight, and juicy cock. What I wouldn’t give the be on the receiving end of that nice rod. Theo, the newest cutie at BlakeMason, has a great toned and slim body, baby blue eyes that will melt your heart, and of course that monster cock. It doesn’t take him long to get down to "business" and start stroking that monster of a cock. For those that like lots of cum, you will not be disappointed. This is one guy that just lets the juices flow and flow and flow. Enjoy. 

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Introducing Aaron Jacobs At BuzzWest.com

August 30th, 2008|

Introducing Aaron Jacobs At BuzzWest.com

Aaron Jacobs is a tall thin stud with a huge cock! Aaron just got out of the Coast Guard last February and decided to stay right here in San Diego. He’s originally from Mississippi, and has a really heavy southern drawl that makes him even more charming. But when he flashes that pearly white smile, it’s just about enough to melt your heart! When I flipped Aaron over to check out his beautiful ass, he pushed his dick back through so far I thought he was going to push it right up his ass! He said he’s actually got it to go in before, so of course I wanted him to try again, and he did! 

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‘Fratpad Mania’ Show At Fratpad.com

August 30th, 2008|

"Fratpad Mania" Show At Fratpad.com

The guys answered the call for more group wrestling with the "FRATPAD MANIA" show. The guys emptied a couple bottles of ID Lube onto their workout mats and piled on WWE-style. Make sure to keep an eye out for their new ex-military uncut hunk Gavin plus the highly-demanded return of long-time favorite Max. Once the guys were done they all jumped into the shower together to wash the lube off.

We love any site where the guys roll around together naked having some fun and then take part in a group washing. Word is that Max and Gavin are going to take part in another Fratpad Jackoff race. We’ll have video of that for you as soon as we have it. 

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