Derrick Vinyard – the big man returns in his final scene before retirement. This time Wake is his victim. You know by now Vinyard is a power top. He has a massive, thick cock and isn’t afraid to shove it in a boy’s ass hard, fast, and all the way. Honestly Wake was only supposed to give Vinyard a blowjob. We were all just screwing around in my loft, and decided to break out the camera and do one last scene with Vinyard. A third of the way into it Vinyard wanted to fuck Wake, and it got out of hand from there. It starts with Wake sucking Vinyard’s dick. Amazingly, Wake deep throats Vinyard’s cock all the way to the base. The boy must have no gag reflex at all! When Vinyard tells Wake he wants to fuck, Wake sits down on Vinyard’s cock. I’m not sure Wake knew what he was in for though, because Vinyard spins Wake around and pounds the hell out of his tight little ass doggie style. The best part comes when Wake ends up on his back. Vinyard fucks him so hard you can hear Vinyard’s balls slapping hard against Wake’s ass cheeks. Of course Vinyard goes out with a ‘bang’ blowing a massive load all over Wake. In the words of my man Vinyard, “Good times!”

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