Meet Milos from Realboys4you.com

May 31st, 2007|

Introducing Milos

Milos originally hails from the czech republic and is now living in Berlin. The cute young guy is into sports (and has a quite well developed body for his age), he loves movies and travelling a lot as well. He says he’s bisexual with a slight preference for Boys (WINK) and he is active only.  Ok, we’ll go with that.   Check him out at Realboys4you.com 

We love Milos!

May 31st, 2007|

Meet Matt Our Solo Feature from UKNakedmen

May 30th, 2007|

Introducing Matt from UKNakedmen.com

Matt is one of the guys we really enjoy bringing you.  He’s definitely edgy and he’s definitely hott! It’s rare that even you meet someone who loves sex as much as Matt. He looks like butter wouldn’t melt but this hot cocked bit of stuff is a piston. Pale, eyes, and a beautifully tight body, a tight ass and thick shafted cock, he’s got it going on that’s for certain. But it’s his sexual stamina (which you’ll see in detail at Uknakedmen) is just astounding, and his cum shots….. wow. But for now watch him undress, stroke his cock and show off his tight hole, in our solo feature of Matt. 

We love Matt! 

Men4MenLive.TV Cinema XXX Preview of Thrusted

May 30th, 2007|

 Men4MenLive.TV Cinema I

 Featured New Release


Colby and Dylan reminisce about their past sexual escapades. Taylor watches an orgy in the hotel boiler room where they learn what man sex is all about.

Click Here To Watch the XXX Clip of Thrusted

Ty is Well Enormous and our Hottie of The Day

May 30th, 2007|

Introducing Ty from ExtraBigDicks.com

Next to the spot that asks for cock size on his EBD application, Ty put down nine inches.  That is not the first time they have seen that answer to that question at ExtraBigDicks.com, but it is the first time a model wrote down “nine” and was referring to length when it is totally soft.  Even if Ty was simply what is known as a “show-er,”  he clearly had something worthy of being put on display, but even better, Ty turned out to be a “grow-er,” and nine inches was, in every sense of the phrase, “just the start of something big.”  Seems like a crime against huge cock lovers everywhere that Ty did not dip his pole for the first time until he was 21.  Despite having been married for a while, in the years since then, Ty has learned to be an equal opportunity fucker and fully appreciate the charms of both sexes.  Today, Ty is all ours, and that suits us just fine.  Even though his eleven fully erect inches offer plenty to go around, with a cock this big, we want it all for ourselves but we are happy to share with you lol. 

We love Ty!

Gift’s Solo Feature From UKNakedmen.com

May 29th, 2007|

Introducing Gift from UKNakedmen.com

That’s his name; Gift, born in South Africa but living in Birmingham, as soon as the guys at UKNakedmen saw him, they knew they had to get him for UKnakedmen. (They used a similar method to the one the British Olympic comittee used to get South African born Zola Budd to run for Britain). Gift starts every shot looking moody, but he can’t control his huge generous smile. He is such a polite and pleasant young man. This time, after the stills he filmed his first video, and wow he fucks like a machine gun ( you’re gonna have to brace yourself for that one). Imagine, just imagine how that massive length would feel as it snaked and stretched in and out of your bruised ass hole. Oh the damage the sweet, sweet damage he’d do to you.

We love Gift!

May 29th, 2007|

Remy and Kristian From Sexgaymes.tv

May 29th, 2007|

Introducing Remy From Sexgaymes.tv YUM!

Remy – At The Pump

Without a doubt Remy is one of the true stars of the SexGaymes team. He has now starred in many of their movies and each time he just keeps getting better and better. He truly has a true sense of his grace (and HOT physique) when in front of the camera.

We love Remy

Also Introducing Kristian From Sexgaymes.tv

Meet Kristian

Kristian Winter is definitely one of the favourite team members at Sexgaymes.tv. He’s always fun on set as well as being one hell of a horny guy. He’s got a huge cock and the longest eye lashes. Here’s some shots from Getting Rucked – The Shower Room where we paired him with another of our favorites Remy for a super hot episode. We love Kristian

Click Here To Watch A Clip of Remy Fucking Kristian In The Shower It’s Hot

Big Hot Hairy & Hung Bear Fuzz New Release

May 28th, 2007|

 Men4MenLive.TV Cinema I

 Featured New Release


Ship Ahoy Matey Climb Aboard

May 28th, 2007|

                    Oh Master Fill Me Full Of Your Salty Spray!!!