Introducing Ty from

Next to the spot that asks for cock size on his EBD application, Ty put down nine inches.  That is not the first time they have seen that answer to that question at, but it is the first time a model wrote down “nine” and was referring to length when it is totally soft.  Even if Ty was simply what is known as a “show-er,”  he clearly had something worthy of being put on display, but even better, Ty turned out to be a “grow-er,” and nine inches was, in every sense of the phrase, “just the start of something big.”  Seems like a crime against huge cock lovers everywhere that Ty did not dip his pole for the first time until he was 21.  Despite having been married for a while, in the years since then, Ty has learned to be an equal opportunity fucker and fully appreciate the charms of both sexes.  Today, Ty is all ours, and that suits us just fine.  Even though his eleven fully erect inches offer plenty to go around, with a cock this big, we want it all for ourselves but we are happy to share with you lol. 

We love Ty!