Two Big Stars Collide Zeb Atlas Tops Mitch Vaughn!

September 28th, 2012|

Super Stud John Magnum Tops Lucas Knowles 

At Cocksuremen


The gun show is about to begin! One of the biggest porn stars, Mitch Vaughn hooks up with literally one the BIGGEST stars, Zeb Atlas. Zeb is as gargantuan as ever. He loves to flex and pose for Mitch, and for us. Mitch has plenty of muscles to choose from, but he immediately goes for the one hanging between Zeb's thunderous thighs.  Zeb lays back on the couch and Mitch Vaughn briefly admires his physique before getting back to swallowing Zeb Atlas' huge tool. Mitch has quite the appetite and has Zeb bend over to get a clear shot at his tasty hole. Mitch tongues Zeb's ass deep, leaving his own hole thirsting for attention. As Zeb pounds his hole, Mitch Vaughn unleashes one of his huge signature cumshots all over his ripped bod. Zeb Atlas adds to the mess, covering Mitch in white, gooey cum.


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Valentino And Tobin Total Massage On Chaosmen!

September 27th, 2012|

Valentino Gives Tobin A Total Massage


Valentino does massage on the side, so he is in his element for his first full-on sex film with gorgeous Tobin.  Valentino oils up Tobin’s hot body, and both guys look hot together with all that muscle mass sliding up against each other.Valentino explores Tobin’s ample ass cheeks, getting it lubed up for some fucking, and then makes him suck his cock.

 Valentino shoves a small toy into Tobin's hot ass, then makes him suck his cock some more. Its so hot to see the young muscleboy with a butt toy up his and sucking on Valentino’s cock. We finally get Tobin laying sideways and that was just the right height for some ass-ramming. Valentino then fucks him on his back and unloads all over and in Tobin’s hole.  Tobin is left on his own to rub one off, but it is a massive nut. 

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Tear Up That Prostate Out In Public

September 18th, 2012|

Tear Up That Prostate



On this weeks Out In Public update the guys are out in the mean streets of Miami with Ari  and this guy is just chipper as hell and horny as well and its our job to get this guy some ass and of course he wants some hot male ass right…..so we hit up the streets and he comes across this dude (Rick)and right away he was drawn to him and Rick just happens to be on his break to so we cease the opportunity and ask him straight up and this kid was down and was actually kind of excited and liked our guy Ari as well..the two got it on and they both loved it.

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Personal Trainer Rogan Richards Tops Bruno Knight!

September 16th, 2012|

Rogan Richards And Bruno Knight!



A pulled hamstring is the perfect opportunity for Personal Trainer Bruno to finally put his hands where the rest of us could only dream of going. His client Rogan isnt an easy nut to crack at first but Bruno works his magic massaging up Rogans chunky thighs into his beautiful bubble butt. With Rogans dick growing in his pants he finally has to concede that Brunos wandering hands have fired him up and Bruno continues with his very personal attention sucking on Rogans veiny cock and turning him over for an amazing rimming session on that muscular firm backside. Rogan finally turns the tables on Bruno and takes control of Bruno now fucking him so hard he has to bite in to the sofa. Seems they both got a really good work out in the end.

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Luciano Damato Truck Driving Muscle Hunk!

September 15th, 2012|

Luciano Damato The Truck Driver



Sneak Preview

Luciano Damato looks like one of those hunky young dudes who drives cross country in one of those huge 10-ton rigs – the kind of guy you hope to meet in an abandoned rest stop in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. Hulking, dark, sullen, dangerous, with an attitude, here’s a beefy man who plays dangerous power games behind his wife’s back. You know what he wants you to do for him. Get down on your knees before this union man and service his rig, and do it now, boy!


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Andy Davidson Lean Hairy Hung Basket Baller

September 15th, 2012|

Hairy, Str8, Defined Andy Has A Thick, Long Uncut Erection!

At EnglishLads

Andy is a keen basketballer, standing just over 6’5 his body has kept perfectly proportioned; though one part of uncut meat is way too big for his body! A fun straight guy who warmed to the idea of stripping off and showing his lean and muscular body that is covered in quite a lot of fuzz! He enjoys a bit of teasing and who wouldn’t make you wait to see his huge uncut cock, when its soft it hangs down nearly 6 inches and it is also an impressive grower! Andy does a great job of showing off all his body and just watch his body tense and spasm as he unloads over his hairy abs! 

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Everybody Loves Rusty At PerfectGuz!

September 12th, 2012|


Everybody Loves Rusty

 At PerfectGuyz.com 

 Age: 22
Zodiac: Leo
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6′ 0"
Weight: 175lb
Waist: 32"
Chest: 44"
Shoe Size: 12
Cock: 7 1/2" Cut
Physique: Ripped

Rusty Stevens – a sizzling hot guy and sparkling star of the adult cinema. Rusty has blazed a trail with his magnificent Silver Screen appeal. Rusty is  an accomplished athlete. In fact, he refers to his morning routine as a "total body workout" – training every fiber of his body. Outdoors Rusty also excels at surfing, biking and rock climbing. Besides his stunning physical features, Rusty is charming and intelligent. Reminiscent of the classic Hollywood stars, Rusty is the type of guy who has a defined, sophisticated presence – a guy who makes himself known when he enters a room. And he definitely has a way with the softer sex pursuing Salsa dancing and apparently sweeping his girlfriends off their feet. Rusty is studying multi-media design and has future plans to launch his own web site; he talks about his growing fan base, hoping they will follow his career as an adult star. It is obvious to us that Rusty Stevens is a HOT ticket in all respects – and we will undoubtedly see a lot more of him! Enjoy Rusty Stevens in his premier PerfectGuyz presentation.

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Rafael Carreras And Dylan Roberts Are Picture Perfect!

September 9th, 2012|

Rafael Carreras And Dylan Roberts In Picture Perfect!

Falcon Studios


Dylan Roberts instructs his new model on how to strike a pose for his photo shoot and hunky,incredibly hung Rafael Carreras follows directions like a pro. Dylan makes every effort to ensure his stunning subject is showcased in the best light so he oils Rafael up to make his muscles gleam even more. The horny photog can barely contain his desire as he caresses his flesh, and soon he’s busy sucking onRafael’s firm cock. Emboldened and excited, Rafael takes charge and attacks Dylan’s asshole, first rimming the tight slit with his tongue; then teasing it with a thumb-fuck; and finally assaulting it with his thick cock. Rafael savages Dylan’s manhole fast and furious until both men finally explode, blasting jism all over. Lying back smug, satisfied, Dylan’s torso is dotted with their combined loads, then to Dylan’s surprised, Rafael licks it all up.


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Delicious Diego Hot Spaniard Huge And Uncut!

September 6th, 2012|

Delicious Diego Hot Spaniard Huge & Uncut! 

Hot Solo Feature!


 At LucasKasan.com

 Diego is from Madrid. He is one of the many treasures Madrid has to offer. Diego has abs carved in stone, a deliciously firm bubble butt and a beautiful HUGE uncut cock.  This hot Spaniard is no less awesome –and certainly yummier– than the paintings at the Museo del Prado! Shall we see more of Diego? You bet we will! Doing more than flexing his muscles and stroking his dick? Let’s just say the guys are working on it.  Hurry back Diego!


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Cuban Hunk Albert New On LatinBoyz.com!

September 4th, 2012|

Cuban Hunk Albert

 On LatinBoyz.com!

* Nationality: Cuban
* Birthplace: Miami, Florida
* Age: 25
* loridaBirthdate: November 1st (Scorpio)
* Height 6′ 1" Weight 190 lbs
* Cock: 7 1/2 inches uncut


* Orientation: Bi – Versatile
* Sexual Turn Ons….
"Good kissers."
* Sexual Turn Offs…
"Bad hygiene and bad attitudes."
* Sexual Fantasy….
"Doing a girl while getting done by a guy."

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  Guys we just have one thing to say, if you love hot Latin studs with all that goes with em there is only one place to go and that’s LATINBOYZ.com