Raging Stallion Studios Presents “Ink Storm”

September 30th, 2007|

Ink Storm From Raging Stallion Studios


( The Music Is HOT!!!)


 Cory Koons , Jake Deckard , Logan McCree, Montaz Morgan , Ricky Sinz, Steve Cruz, Tamas Eszterhazy, Tober Brandt

Tattoos are about transformation. A call from within that appears on the skin. They are about someones need to be seen as the unique person that they are. Their stories are etched into their skin like markings of DNA. Some people believe that their tattoos were destiny, just waiting to be released by the needle as it cuts over the flesh. Raging Stallion Man of the Year badboy Jake Deckard brings you a movie featuring some of the hottest tattooed studs in porn today. Each of these men are rare. They feel the need to express their individuality in animal ways. They are made of flesh, and live on the edge. Hungry to be touched, explored, and pushed to their limits, each of these pairs of men find themselves in situations that allow them to release themselves and be free. They know sometimes you have to suffer for beauty. They are the wild boys and they are horny fuckers on the lookout for action. Jake has captured these colorful characters in fun, sexy, hardcore action. It’s a fun-house-thrill-ride-fuck-fest.


Corey Coons

Jake Deckard

Logan Mc Cree

Montaz Morgan

Rick Sinz

Steve Cruz

Tober Brandt

Tomaz Esterhazy

“Men So Hard They Hurt” From Rear Stable

September 30th, 2007|

ARABESQUE SCENE 9 RearStable.com

Manuel Torres, Huessein, François Sagat, and Joey Milano feature in this 4-way of Arabic hunks. The fucking between Manuel Torres and François Sagat is the highlight of the first half of the video. The second half features Huessein fucking a gorgeous Joey Milano. Joey has the face of a fashion model, and the ass of a porn superstar! It is a great pairing. The final images are the kind that will be burned in memories forever, with Francois cum shot a gushing highlight.




Francois and Huessein From HairyBoyz.com

September 30th, 2007|


Francois Saga and Huessein From HairyBoyz.com

Two of the hottest, hairy and perfectly built men in porn history are a feast for the eyes in this video. François Sagat and Huessein are very much into each other, practically chomping at the bit to have passionate sex. And the passion shows! The oral sex is simply astounding and the fucking — three wonderful positions in all — is filmed with great finesse. This the way porn is meant to be! 


Dani L And Ross Hurston “Interrogation Room”

September 30th, 2007|

Dani L and Ross Hurston From MENATPLAY.COM

The seedy underworld of the London scene can be a scary place, but also a very exciting one as Dani L found out the night he was caught with his pants down at Kings Cross Station. After a couple of hours of nervous waiting, defense lawyer Ross finally arrrives to cross examine his client and walk him through the events prior to his arrest, step by step, and blowjob by blowjob, making the most of Dani’s vulnerable and desperate situation. Hot! Hot!

Great job guys we loved it

Cody From BuzzWest.com

September 30th, 2007|

Introducing Cody From BuzzWest

Buzz had no idea Cody was going to show up in his uniform, and he brought several. Dress Blues no less and when Buss opened the door he almost creamed himself. Cody has the cutest smile, and he’s one horny guy! He was playing with his ass a bit, so Buzz asked him if he’d ever used a toy in there. Next thing they’re digging through the toy box and he was fucking his tight ass with a dildo. He LOVED it! You gotta love a good bottom boy Marine! We know we do!
Love ya Cody thanks for the show

Brent With The Giant Pinus

September 30th, 2007|

Introducing Brent From ChaosMen.com

Bryan got a lot of positive feedback from members asking, "Who’s the guy in the G:hOle video with the huge cock?!?"
Brent is 25 and a really REALLY shy guy that Bryan had done a solo with. His cock was enormous. Brent said he had let a guy who was keen on his enormous cock, suck on it. He’s straight, but apprently even soft he looks big, and people just want to either suck it or sit on it, no matter the sex.

Sure, Bryan’s not a typical A&F type that you see all over the net. But we think with his shaved head he looks more mature than that and has Rough Trade charm. And if you love giant cock, this guy’s your man! Enjoy.

We love ya Bryan and your giant pee pee   

Janek Euro Stud From Sweet Adonis

September 30th, 2007|

Meet Janek A Sweet Europeboy at Sweetadonis

Janek is a sweet euro boy and has some very nice features to show off. This nasty Europeboy has a well built body and a nice uncut cock that he loves to use in hard active sex. Janek is one of many cute Europeboys you’ll find over at Sweetadonis. 

 We lov ya Janek you’re a hottie


Dominik From Prague Our Hottie Of The Day

September 30th, 2007|

Introducing Dominik From RealBoys4U

Dominik is a cute student from Prague. He identifies as bisexual but claims that he has had very few sexual experience so far (but that might change after publishing this set on the net 😉 Dominik has a cute smile, a nice body and some nice chesthair that he didn’t trim (can you believe it). We like some hair! He also has a rock hard cock that he jerks off with noticeable joy – and in the end spurts a big load up to his chin and all over his sweet chest. What a nice mess!

We lov ya Dominik come back soon

Clark From SeanCody.com

September 29th, 2007|

Introducing Clark From SeanCody.com

"I played with a dildo when I was younger." That was one of several things that Clark said that made him rather hard to categorize. He’s a 20-year old collegiate swimmer and full-time student. He says he’s straight. "I’ve always looked at gay porn, I just never really thought I was gay," he explained. "But I have experimented," he replied. "How so?"
"Well I’ve never been with another guy. Except for one experience which was dick sucking. But that’s about it…"

"I know that lots of guys (and girls) experiment sexually in college. Of course, I’m all for it! .. and we’re all for seeing you do it. Enjoy Clark.

We love ya Clark

Totally Smooth Ryan White From UKNakedMen

September 29th, 2007|


Don’t let that sullen glare put you off, Ryan is an absolutely lovely guy, a gentleman from his toenails to his buzz cut hair, via that wonderful length of gristle. He’s smooth (almost) all over, with a perfect ass and suckable dark nipples, tight and toned and so very very lickable. 

See more of Ryan