Bullet Proof 2 New Release On ActiveDuty.com

Have you heard the buzz about the latest release from Active Duty called Bulletproof 2? There’s a lot of hot stuff jammed into this release. It has the bottoming debut of that super hung and super cute, Randy along with a bottoming scene of gorgeous Kaden and Elijah. These three tore up the screen with their hot performance and gave their all to make sure we all enjoyed ourselves. I hear getting Randy to cross that fine line and delve into the other side was a challenge, but Dink kept at it, kept persistent. It’s fun to hear a guy say all the things he will NOT do and then watch him grow more comfortable as he jumps those hurdles and overcomes his initial fear. Bulletproof 2 is a fine example of such an accomplishment. It’s also a nice example of how some of Active Duty’s veteran players keep up the pace with continuing to move forward as we see Kaden give it up to Elijah in the same scene where Randy bottoms for the first time.

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