Nicholas Luv & Phenix Are Sizzlers

August 31st, 2007|

More to Come With Nicholas and Phenix

Black Is Beautiful Meet Jeff From BadPuppy

August 31st, 2007|

Introducing Badpuppy Exclusive Model Jeff

Model: Jef
Age: 20
Location: Oxnard, CA
Job: Video Game Sales
Hobby: Gaming
Sport: Basketball
Food: Tacos
Music: Hip Hop
Dick Size: 9" thick

We love ya Jeff and that’s a wrap

Leo From Berlin Hottie Of The Day!

August 31st, 2007|

Introducing Leo From Berlin

Leo is 22 years of age and hails from Berlin. He is a real pornlover and visits his favourite adult bookstore everytime a new title is released. (And of course he is a fan of Berlin-Male DVDs). Watch him get off to the latest collection of thick and juicy Wieners from Berlin and his own meat is also worth taking a closer look at. Enjoy!

We love ya Leo and that’s a wrap

Straight Dude Damian At Sweet Adonis

August 31st, 2007|

Introducing Straight Boy Damian and his full bush

Damian is 19 years of age and straight as straight can be. If you love your guys with an edge and natural body hair (yeah – the full bush) then Damian is for you. He is proud of his body and hard cock and he loves to show it off. Watch him jerk his horny meat and shoot a good load! Enjoy!

We love you Damian and that’s a wrap

Steve Wolf Ex-Navy Stud Hottie

August 31st, 2007|


Introducing Steve Wolf

Steve Wolf is 23 years old, served 4 years in the Navy and decided to hang out here in San Diego after he got out. Steve says that he’s very sexual and likes both girls and guys. When he said that "anything goes" in the bedroom more questions were required! Statements like that need further investigation! Pursuing this with Steve really opened him up. Steve tells us that he’s a top and that he’s never been fucked. As it turns out, "anything goes" means that he’s willing to do anything to the other person, but his ass is still virgin territory. Steve shoots an amazing load for us, and isn’t shy about showing off anything! What a hunk!

We love ya Steve and that’s a wrap  



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Men4MenLive.TV Featured Movie Zak Attack

August 30th, 2007|


Men4MenLive.TV Cinema I

Featured XXX Movie Preview

Zak Attack

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Superstar Zak Spears works his way through seven hot and hairy men. If you’re into rough and demanding sex, this video will satisfy your deepest sexual hunger. Guys this is hot! hot! hot! For real!! Enjoy

Michael and Stewart From JakeCruise

August 30th, 2007|

Introducing Michael Crowe 

Michael Crowe knows all about hard workouts, and he proves taht he’s just as adept at pumping his cock as he is at pumping iron.  Enjoy Michael!

We love ya Michael

Also Introducing Stewart Wellington

With his great sense of humor, huge chest, arms and thigh muscles, and an exhibitionist streak a mile wide, Stewart Wellington is quite a package.  Enjoy Stewart!

We love Stewart

Alberto Is A Very Big Boy!

August 30th, 2007|

Introducing Alberto

Alberto Is The Latest MiamiBoyz Discovery And Only Seen On This Site!
He’s got a perfect body, a killer smile, and an uncut cock that he loves to get hard and is crazy popular with members.. that’s very easy to see why!

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Ps. Alberto has got to have one of the most beautiful dicks we have ever seen

Where do these young guys get em from lol

We love you Alberto and that’s a wrap

Josh S Gives Us A Show!

August 30th, 2007|

Introducing Josh From BlakeMason

Somehow Josh managed to get lost in all of the endless pages of applications… Anyway, he’s on the docket now!
Fortunately, Josh S was still up for making a film. Eventually this tall, dark handsome man appeared for his shoot ready to get naked. After a quick chat he stripped down to reveal a lovely, soft, uncut cock and then sat back down to begin the job at hand 😉

Stroking his meat gently, his dick was hard within 30 seconds and from there onwards, that’s the way it stayed. Josh S was very focused on enjoying himself and you sure can tell that he loves his cock just as much as the rest of us! Come the end, well, we haven’t seen a shooter like this in a while. Enjoy!

We love ya Josh and that’s a wrap

Handsome Liam From EnglishLads

August 30th, 2007|

Introducing Liam From Englishlads

Liam is new to modelling but a real natural in front of the camera, he strips down to his boxers in the summer sun to show off his toned body before diving inside to pull down his boxers! There is a big bulge in his shorts and his mischievous smile cant hide he is enjoying himself. Down come his boxers to show off a nice chunky dick that Liam franticly wanks as he cheekily smiles at the camera. He is happy to show off his body, lies on his back and shows off his very hairy ass! A little more wanking and he erupts shooting cum all over the place, some great flying cum shots.  Isn’t sperm a wonderous thing hehe. Enjoy Liam!

We love ya Liam and that’s a wrap