Introducing Frank De Feo of ManifestMen

July 31st, 2007|

Introducing Muscle Stud Frank DeFeo of ManifestMen.com

Frank DeFeo was shot by Manifest the day of his LA competition and we are excited to pass these  photos on to you.

Frank " The Tank" DeFeo is ManifestMen’s Video Gallery update this week and guys this is one you ‘DON’T’ want to miss. They shot Frank for this chapter between the pre-judging and judging of his competition in LA. This was a large show in which Frank placed 2nd in the Novice Heavyweight Division.

P.S. ManifestMen.com is truly one of the highest quality adult naked muscle sites you will find anywhere online.

We love you Frank and that’s a wrap

Matt Gives Kai A Hard Banging

July 31st, 2007|

Introducing Kai and Matt From Englishlads

This is one of the hottest shoots we have see from Englishlads in a while, though what do you expect when you have two of the sites “horniest” models together for the first time! Matt feels up Kai and they are soon in each others pants and kissing like the world is about to end! Kai pulls out Matt’s big thick cock and gives some great head, Matt returns the favour, they are like two pigs in a cider orchard! Once high on each other Matt lubes up his rubbered meat and slides into Kai’s welcoming hole! Kai loves it and this is the first time in a shoot where you can see just how hard Kai’s bottom distorts as he gets it! Needless to say it ends in two big cum shots! A must see!!

There Is Only One BadPuppy

July 31st, 2007|


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 Now the men!  Check our sample hottie. His name is AJ.  There are tons more online at the site.

Click on any picture to see all the Badpuppy Guys!

 Meet AJ From Badpuppy

Be honest can’t you just see yourself dropping to your knees in front of that long, uncut cock with AJ backed up agaisnt the stove!  Aj is one of the hottest Badpuppy models we think we’ve seen.  AJ is tall, lean, and oh so hung and has that look .. you know the one… "wanna fuck"…


Matt And Kristian Discover Each Other

July 31st, 2007|

Meet Matt and Kristian From BlakeMason

Both Matt and Kristian are big boys in the cock department and when they get together they can hardly take their eyes and hands off of each other’s equipment hehe.  This is a fun video for sure. Check them out at Englishlads.com  Enjoy!

Speaking Of Statues

July 31st, 2007|

Can you believe this statue outside of Moscow! 

Maybe the sculptor was day dreaming lol

We love Mother Russia !!

July 30th, 2007|

Fratmen Pits A Very Sexy Extravaganza!

July 30th, 2007|


Are you ready? For FRATMEN Sexy Hot Armpits! 

Well here we go!!  ENJOY!

Sexy Erick Models for VarsityMen

July 30th, 2007|

Introducing Erick From VarsityMen

Hot 24 year old ERICK just loved showing off his hot dick and delicious ass for VarsityMen’s cameras. This Italian stud joins our team tomorrow. Check him out in action at VarsityMen.com. Enjoy!

We love Erick

Daniel A Powerbottom With A Very Big Dick

July 30th, 2007|

Introducing Daniel From BerlinCasting

Despite his shyness in the beginning of the shooting Daniel shows his beautiful body with proudness. For sure he is doing that in the Sauna as well, where he likes to go once in a while… He says that he is a passionate bottom and he’s realy is into big cocks ( remember that one shoot on Berlin-Male where he takes the big fat cock of macho fucker Hector up his tight ass).




Damon From ChaosMen is Hottie of The Day

July 29th, 2007|

Introducing ChaosMan Damon

What a sweet smile on Damon! He melts your heart so easily, like a boy caught doing something naughty, but glad you caught him so he can show off some more. Damon is a military kid in training. He’s a very well-rounded young guy liking athletics to staying home and reading. His first time jacking off was a very interesting location, and you will have to watch the video to find out where it was. For a tall guy, he has an big ‘ole bubble but, punctuated with a memorble birth mark. As Damon admits, ain’t now way he can moon anyone without later being picked out in a line. You’ll notice also he’s big everywhere! Enjoy this sweet hunk!

We love ya Damon and that’s a wrap!