Golden Boy Harry Louis Takes Two Huge Cocks!

June 30th, 2014|

Golden Boy Harry Louis Takes Two Huge Cocks




Think of Harry Louis and you’ll think of that big uncut cock of his slamming mercilessly into a tight but willing arse, so when our blue-eyed boy told us he’s just as good at taking it, we presented him with not one but two enormous uncut cocks to handle. Harry’s eyes bulged and he swallowed hard – a nervous reaction? We don’t think so…Harry had one cock rammed down his throat as he backed onto the other, pushing until the whole length was inside; his mouth and his sphyncter both stretched to capacity, then he started to ride…

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Chad Harley Muscle Candy At PowerMen!

June 24th, 2014|

Chad Harley Muscle Candy

 At PowerMen.com!


The all NEW Powermen 2.0 – a clean new site, with more features, hotter men and easier to navigate. Search for your favorite men – search by your favorite type of man – its all in YOUR control!PowerMen.com ™ features dozens of real musclemen from all over the world in hot adult solo video clips. A true muscle connoisseur’s delight!  Chad Harley Muscle Candy At PowerMen.com!

Like them young and hung? Big muscles? Pretty faces? Perfect symmetry? And you want a real hot performance, too? All that at once? We might have some candy for you … PowerMen proudly presents the newest Dynamite Studios Discovery CHAD HARLEY.

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Big Buff Todd Tops Brent At CorbinFisher!

June 20th, 2014|

Todd & Brent At CorbinFisher.com

Big, buff Todd made quite a splash when he first appeared on CF! He's quite a stud – incredibly tall, and insanely muscular. He has, as you can imagine, a tremendous presence when he's in a room. Likewise, that presence carries over on screen as we've been getting loads of e-mails asking about when he'll make an appearance again and whether he'll appear in action with another guy!

Well, the answer to both of those questions is right here! Not only is Todd back, but he's also getting in to some hardcore action withCF-fave Brent! What's more, Todd is getting fucked! As we're jumping into a brand new year, we might as well have one of CF's new studs jumping right in to the action and getting fucked for the very first time!  

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Bi Top And Edgy Jose Luis On LatinBoyz!

June 19th, 2014|


Razor Sharp Stud Jose Luis


 Birthplace: São Paulo, Brazil
Birthdate: October 25th (Scorpio)
Height: 5ft 8 in.
Weight: 175 lbs.
Dick: 7 inches uncut

 Orientation: Bi – Top
Sexual Turn Ons… "I like to play hard, so what really turns me on is someone who is submissive and likes to satisfy their man."  Sexual Turn Offs… "When someone tries to fuck me even though I already told them I was a top."

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Alexis Str8 Karate Jock On Squirtz!

June 19th, 2014|

Alexis Str8 Karate Jock

On Squirtz.com

 Alexis is the perfect stereotype of a straight guy. He’s studying to be a mechanic and a brown belt in karate, he also was seriously into hockey and soccer. He has a serious look to him and so we thought he might be hard to work with for this kind of video. But it turns outAlexis is just one of the sweetest, friendliest guys around. He’s strictly for the ladies but he has no problem with interested gay men admiring him.

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Personal Trainer Dan Burch On MarkWolff!

June 18th, 2014|

Personal Trainer Dan Burch

On MarkWolff!

 Today Marks introduces his latest Wolffpac model discovery from one of his many jet setting adventures. Mark just got back from his first trip to Calgary Alberta Canada. Home of Cowboys and rugged oil rig workers. That's where Mark found Dan working as a personal trainer at the local gym. The cowboys will come later! Mark just added the full length Project Muscle DVD to his site. 


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In A World Of Beautiful Men There Is Matthias!

June 17th, 2014|

In A World Of Beautiful Men There Is Matthias Vannelli!

 Solo Feature!


 At LucasKazan.com

Matthias Vannelli Is  classic good-looks, sculpted physique, huge uncut cock: Matthias has it all."In a porn world full of beautiful men", writes the Adam Gay Video Directory, "Kazan's exclusive Matthias Vannelli is a standout". Male perfection? This Italian stallion is now semi-retired, but remains as popular as ever and continues to collaborate with LucasKazan on web-exclusive vignettes.

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Brant Flaming Ginger Hunk Of Luv On Chaosmen!

June 17th, 2014|


Brant Flaming Red Head Hunk Of Luv!

At ChaosMen.com


Brant is a former military guy who had been told that with his red hair and extra large package he should be doing porn. We agree!

Fans of Gingers are vocal and always eager to see them on the site!  Bryan had to wait for Brant to grow the carpet back lol.  He is a little quiet during the solo, but his cock is rock solid, and he does like engaging the cameras/audience. He goes erect almost immediately. His dick is so straight it is uncanny and could likely be used as a ruler, while his red pubes frame it perfectly. Brant is flaming hot!  Enjoy!


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Much Anticipated Double Stuffing Connor!

June 16th, 2014|

Double Stuffing Conor!

 At CorbinFisher.com


Hey guys, this is one of the videos people have been asking for –  seeing CF star Connor get double-penetrated. You all know Connor – it's go big or go home with him, so he had to make sure he could take two of the biggest dicks CF could offer  Chandler and Trey!

AGE 21 WAIST 32 EYES Green
HEIGHT 6' 0" WEIGHT 165 lbs HAIR Brown
BUILD Swimmers COCK 9" Cut SHOE 12

AGE 22 WAIST 32 EYES Brown
HEIGHT 6' 2" WEIGHT 180 lbs HAIR Brown
BUILD Athletic COCK 7" Cut SHOE 11

HEIGHT 6' 2" WEIGHT 190 lbs HAIR Blonde
BUILD Athletic COCK 8.5" Cut SHOE 12

It's not just dick size that make Chandler, Trey and Connor so popular (or eve their incredible looks or ripped bodies). All three guys have one thing in common – a passion for sex. Every time we see Trey, he brings something new to the table. He's so in tune with what he likes sexually. Chandler keeps surprising with his raw eagerness to fuck and get fucked. And Connor could make fucking a hole in the wall sensuous.

It's an awesome video, with all three guys aggressively trying to please each other and push the envelope for Connor. It's incredible to watch his face when he has both huge dicks inside him. Whew!


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Mike De Marko Worships Zeb Atlas Huge Cock!

June 15th, 2014|

Mike De Marko Worships Zeb Atlas's Huge Cock! 

At Cocksuremen


Superstar Zeb Atlas flexes, showing Mike De Marko how muscular he could be through hard work and dedication. Mike may have a little work to do on his muscles but he's already at the top of the class when it comes to big cocks. Mike worships Zeb's muscles and suck his massive pole. Zeb gets into daddy mode and bends his young friend over his lap then gives him a good spanking. Zeb splits Mike's red ass with his thick dick. Zeb gives it to Mike hard and deep and Mike takes every inch like a champ. Mike De Marko cums while riding Zeb's huge fuck-stick. Covered in Mike's cum, Zeb Atlas strokes out a thick juicy load of his own.

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