Colt’s Massive – New Release Is Smokin’ Hot

April 30th, 2008|

Bigger Just Got Better In Massive From Coltstudios.com

 The name says it all – MASSIVE is about all things big – big muscles and big rock-hard COLT Men. MASSIVE indulges us in the appreciation of the finest and the biggest specimens of manhood experiencing them at their best…in a state of raw, all-male sexual desire. That’s what we always say here at COLT! We have a long tradition of finding and presenting the world’s most genuine, natural and masculine men…BIG men…Massive Men…COLT Men!

COLT Studio is Proud to Present MASSIVE, John Rutherford’s latest COLT feature of hard hitting, powerhouse Man Sex. The name says it all. MASSIVE is about all things BIG – BIG muscles, BIG dicks and BIG rock-hard men. These are COLT Men made of steel, with bodies that inspire an “awe” reaction.

MASSIVE indulges in the appreciation of the finest and the biggest specimens of masculine men while experiencing them at their best…in a state of raw, all-male sexual desire at the most natural state.

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Dominic Busts A Nut At CollegeDudes247.com

April 29th, 2008|

Dominic Feroni Busts A Nut At CollegeDudes247.com

Dominic Feroni is a hot sensual guy. When he arrived, right before this solo vid, he was nervous in a very cute way, but after a while he loosened up and really gave us a hot show – stroking his thick pole must have done the trick. In addition to a fine cock, Dominic has beautiful abs, a lean toned bod, full lips, and a nice hairy bush and ass. Dominic got so excited that when he busted his load – it was so much jizz – he even shocked himself at how awesome his cumshot was.  Enjoy! 

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Rock Hard Cole At BuzzWest.com

April 29th, 2008|

Introducing Cole At BuzzWest.com

OK, so here’s the inside scoop. Cole met a friend of Buzz’s when he was bartending downtown. He sprained his ankle pretty bad the week before and could only work part time for a three weeks! He was looking for "extra work" that wouldn’t require him to be on his feet for so long…and my friend hooked him up with Buzz’s number. Buzz didn’t know this story until he took off his shoes to reveal a walking brace of sorts. After he got that off for pictures, Buzz had to keep the poor guy on his bed for the rest of the night. Not only does Cole have a huge dick, but it gets ROCK HARD. Many of them don’t get fully hard, but Cole was an exception to many big dick rules!  Oh my the perils of the world of big dick ownership lol. Enjoy!

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Introducing Lucas Knowles At RandyBlue.com

April 29th, 2008|

Introducing Lucas Knowles At RandyBlue.com

Lucas Knowles is no stranger to the adult world. He’s modeled in Europe and is very comfortable in front of the camera. The first thing you notice are his eyes.  He’s got an killer body, with nice rippling abs, a smooth tight chest with the perfect sized nips poking out. You can tell he spends a lot of time working out and takes good care of himself. His nice strong arms look like they could hold you for days or work you up to a sexual frenzy in no time. He’s such a nice guy and when he talks, he has this soft spoken voice with a really cool accent.  And speaking of Lucas’ cock, this thing is huge. And you can tell he loves playing with it. When he comes he shoots such a load we were afraid we would have to squeegee it off the ceiling. Working his cock with both hands he looked more like he was priming a rocket launcher than stroking a dick, getting it ready to shoot off huge streams of milky white cum all over the coffee table.  Enjoy. 

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Drafted 3 At ActiveDuty.com

April 28th, 2008|

Starring Mason Wyler And Brock In Drafted 3


Brace yourself good for Active Duty’s update as it’s one hell of a surprise. They’ve got a brand new release for you, Drafted 3. But this release isn’t like anything lately as it brings back one of the most popular and loved Active Duty favorites to the fold. King Cole makes his return to Active Duty in Drafted 3.  Dink Flamingo says, "words fail me when I try to express what Cole means to me and I’m sure all of you share my love for him. A little over four years ago, I eased up beside a small compact car at a stop light in NC and when I looked over I almost completely lost it. Looking back at me was one of the prettiest faces I’d ever laid eyes on. When the light changed, I gunned it and pretty much started chasing him down. Cole later told me he thought I was crazy, but eventually he stopped to see what my problem was. Big Jake was with me on this fateful day and he gave Cole a card while the two of us tried hard to convince him we were legit. Can you imagine?" Oh yeah, we can imagine. 

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Introducing Rock At BangBangBoys.com

April 28th, 2008|

Wanna Meet Rock Stay Tuned For More

Here are some pics of one of BBBoys newest exclusive models, Rock. With his good looks, height of 6’5", ripped body, pumped muscles and huge 9" cock, we think he will become a huge star on the net in no time. 

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Marcos At Studio 2000 Hottie Of The Day

April 28th, 2008|

Meet Marcos At Studio 2000

Erik is just one of the scores of super hotties you’ll see at Studio 2000. Studio 2000 is a premier gay adult video producer offering video on demand, subscription memberships and DVDs. Studio 2000 offers you some of the best DVD and VOD options on the net. Check it out, you’ll love it.  

The NEW Studio 2000 membership site, named the S2K Fan Club, offers new content EVERY NIGHT. 2 Amateur videos, 3 Movie scenes, and 2 galleries are released every week. That’s 7 nights of content. In addition, PREMIUM MEMBERS will receive a free DVD every month. 

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Preview 2009 Colt Calendars Now

April 28th, 2008|

Colt Calendars 2009 Only At Coltstudios.com

Spring is here and while the birds and bees are keeping busy, the folks at COLT are making history again! It’s a great time of the year! It’s time to present the annual COLT Calendars for 2009. For more than 41 years now COLT Calenders are demanded by COLT fans and customers worldwide. Those six sinfully decadent collections of the most masculine men – that only COLT does right. 

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Introducing Riley At PerfectGuyz.com

April 27th, 2008|

Riley At PerfectGuyz.com – Stay Tuned

Introducing PerfectGuyz Riley – an exceptional specimen of beauty and masculinity. Riley stands 6 feet tall, 175 lbs of lean rippling muscle, with gorgeous lapis blue eyes, chestnut hair and a luscious 7” cut cock. PerfectGuyz Riley is from Colorado where he is enjoying his freshman year of college. Excelling is wrestling, football, and snowboarding, he has little trouble maintaining his athleticism. Ryan just turned 21 and is actively sowing his wild oats. He has no challenge meeting girls and finds the company of the softer sex a welcomed break from his studies. It’s no wonder the women line up for this stud because he has a very cool personality; he’s warm, confident, intellectual and full of life. All of this makes for a highly sexy guy. He’s the type of guy that knows how to “get into it” and, for his young age, he has no inhibitions – sexual or otherwise! Enjoy Riley in this special PerfectGuyz presentation. 

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Jason Pounds Jonathan At CockyBoys.com

April 27th, 2008|


Jason Pounds Jonathan At CockyBoys.com

JASON POUNDS JONATHAN. Morning sex is the best. Waking up with morning wood, grabbing the boy next to you, and fucking until you both blow your loads. It’s hard to capture that on film, but Jason White, Jonathan Lowe  thought it would be hot to try. So, they crashed next to them and the next morning Jonathan woke up first, with a rock hard boner, and the game was on. Jonathan wakes Jason up by sucking Jason’s cock. It quickly turns to 69ing, and then Jonathan rimming Jason. In no time Jason is pushing Jonathan’s legs in the air, and splitting Jonathan’s ass with his 9 inch cock. You can hear Jonathan shout out in pain as the 9 incher goes in his ass. Next Jonathan rides Jason, and then Jason pile-drives Jonathan – some super fucking hot penetration shots. The scene ends with Jonthan cumming as Jason keeps pounding him, and then Jason pulls out and covers Jonathan in cum. It’s a wicked hot scene. Good fucking morning…. Check it out. 

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