Riley At – Stay Tuned

Introducing PerfectGuyz Riley – an exceptional specimen of beauty and masculinity. Riley stands 6 feet tall, 175 lbs of lean rippling muscle, with gorgeous lapis blue eyes, chestnut hair and a luscious 7” cut cock. PerfectGuyz Riley is from Colorado where he is enjoying his freshman year of college. Excelling is wrestling, football, and snowboarding, he has little trouble maintaining his athleticism. Ryan just turned 21 and is actively sowing his wild oats. He has no challenge meeting girls and finds the company of the softer sex a welcomed break from his studies. It’s no wonder the women line up for this stud because he has a very cool personality; he’s warm, confident, intellectual and full of life. All of this makes for a highly sexy guy. He’s the type of guy that knows how to “get into it” and, for his young age, he has no inhibitions – sexual or otherwise! Enjoy Riley in this special PerfectGuyz presentation. 

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