Happy New Year From Brent At Bukbuddies

December 31st, 2007|

Introducing Brent Our New Year’s Baby Hunk At BukBuddies.com

Happy New Year Baby!  

Brent is a knock out 6 foot 2 str8 piece of hunky man candy, and fortunately, a guy who’s down for just about anything. So when he was asked to be the BukBuddies “baby” for 2008 he was all smiles and ready to go. Getting him warmed up to the task was just as much fun. Some teasing first as he dresses and undresses for his New Year’s Eve party. You’ll love the portrait shots and the hands and pits…all truly beautiful. Plus, if you like your guys big, natural and uncut, Brent is just the ticket. And playing the 2008 diaper kid, well he’s just awesome. He strips down to his birthday suit, making sure we have time to check out his huge feet as he pulls off his socks slowly and deliberately; then he dons the ceremonial diaper and decorates himself with festive New Year garlands, smiling and teasing all the while. Finally, with his pacifier inserted he sucks and strokes his way to a gigantic erection and emotionally charged ejaculation, a festive ending to a memorable 2007 and a hell of a way to start the New Year. Don’t miss this one…Brent is one lof the overall hottest guys we have seen anywhere.  What a personality! 

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Francesco D’Macho Joins MenAtPlay.com

December 31st, 2007|

For Immediate Release. 31/12/07

Francesco D’Macho joins the MENATPLAY team

MENATPLAY will be launching 2008 in their usual style with the addition of one of the biggest names in porn to their stable of guys. Francesco D’Macho will be making his first appearance for the acclaimed website on January 4th 2008 in the eagerly anticipated “The Rider”, alongside Argentinian muscle god Marco.

“Francesco has been a long time fan of MENATPLAY and contacted us saying that he would love to appear in one of our movies. We were very flattered that Francesco would choose us, and are very excited to see how our members will react to this exciting collaboration”. We would also like to take the chance to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Derek’s Happy Ending At BuzzWest.com

December 31st, 2007|

Introducing Derek At BuzzWest.com

Straight boy Derek said he was totally down for a massage with a happy ending, and then added that this would be his first blowjob from a guy. Kendall helped out with the massage, and then he made his move. Derek moaned and said it felt great, but sat up and said he wanted to finish off standing up. Kendall jumps up on the table and hung his face over the side and Derek fell right into place! Like a duck to water the straight boy jerked off right on Kendall’s face for a VERY happy ending! Kendall loved it, and straight boy Derek was lovin it too! Enjoy! 

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Sexy Silas At ChaosMen.com

December 30th, 2007|

Introducing Silas At ChaosMen.com

Sila is mostly of Irish descent, but we think he got a healthy dose of Italian (and hung like one too). He’s got that great greco-roman curly hair that you find on a Michelangelo statue. Not to mention a smile that will break your heart. His skin is as smooth as polished marble too. A total package! Silas is a  definite 10 of 10. Bryan feels he’s about 90 percent straight and about 10 percent gay. His main goal is to land the ladies, he has a huge fondness for lesbian porn, but has been known on very few occasions to play with a dude. Normally when the guys say they have played with a guy, it’s usually that they got oral. But he says he’s pretty much done everything with a guy.  He’s gonna be a hard one to put a label on. He’s just really sexual. Silas has a very interesting jack-off technique. He’s not really a pillow fucker, but he likes to be face down fucking his fist. A bit challenging to film, but if you are more interested in the back door, you get a lot of chance to see his great ass. Enjoy! 

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Mika Poika & Marco Di Lucca In “The Apprentice II”

December 29th, 2007|

Mika and Marco At FreshSX.com

To promote this week’s update we are sharing some sizzling hot pictures from the FreshSX movie ‘The Apprentice II’ in which hot and sexy Mika Poika ties up FreshSX Exclusive Marco Di Lucca in a bid to win this heat of the ultimate porn contest. He does a great job of fucking Marco’s tight ass while Marco impresses by deep throating Mika’s huge cock. Only one of these guys can go through the next round! Enjoy!

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Alex, Chris & Reese At RandyBlue

December 29th, 2007|

Introducing Alex, Chris & Jesse At RandyBlue.com

 The hot and sexy Chris Rockway has been on Randy Blue for quite a while.  Chris Rockway takes one for the team! In both ends that is…  Alex Eden and Reese Rideout have never done a scene together, so the possibilities were endless.  By the way, if you are watching this while trying to be discreet, even if you are wearing headphones, make sure you turn the volume way down once the action starts. On a scale from one to ten, Chris’ moans reach eleven! However, if you’re home alone and you don’t care who hears, blast it and have fun!  Enjoy! 

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Carlos’ In Solo At ManAvenue.com

December 29th, 2007|


Introducing Carlos At ManAvenue.com

"Is my cock large enough?" Carlos said as he was preparing for his shoot. He was walking around butt naked with his dick as hard as a rock. The sexuality oozing from hime. He was intent on doing a great job and really wanted to show off his hard body and full boner for the cameras. Enjoy this hot photo gallery, but be sure to watch this hot stud in his video episode entitled "Emergency 911". He poses, flexes, throws his legs in the air and blows a huge load that drips down the backside of his leg.  See if it makes you weak, too… like it did us 🙂 

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Brandon Busts A Nut At CollegeDudes247

December 29th, 2007|

Introducing Brandon At CollegeDudes247.com 

We wish every year we could find something as great as Brandon in star in our fantasies! We are happy to introduce Brandon, a 21 year old hottie from Maryland with a super tight bod, great smile, and rock hard dick! He is the kind of guy you fantasize dropping the soap in the shower. His dick is picture perfect, and in his first solo vid, Brandon is eager to whip it out and show us what he is packing! Brandon definitely lights up more than a mere fantasy when he dumps a load on himself. This kid is spunky and cool – just the kind of dude we like, and a perfect addition to College Dudes 24/7!  Enjoy!
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Jiri At SweetAdonis.com

December 29th, 2007|

Introducing Jiri on Sweetadonis 

Jiri is 22 years of age,  straight (as with many of the Czech Guys Sweetadonis has in stock) and he’s drop dead gorgeous. He loves having Photos of him done and enjoys knowing other guys get off to looking at his nice body. Maybe thats his way of living his homoerotic side 😉 He was very open to the suggestion of jerking off with a second guy for the cam! We can´t wait to see more of this hot stud.  Enjoy! 

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Introducing Joe Torres At MarkWolff.com

December 28th, 2007|

Introducing Joe Torres At MarkWolff.com

Joe Torres is a handsome, edgy, hot Latino Stud.  A beautiful example of the models you will see at MarkWolff.com.  His video is a smoker 🙂  Enjoy!

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