Introducing Silas At

Sila is mostly of Irish descent, but we think he got a healthy dose of Italian (and hung like one too). He’s got that great greco-roman curly hair that you find on a Michelangelo statue. Not to mention a smile that will break your heart. His skin is as smooth as polished marble too. A total package! Silas is a  definite 10 of 10. Bryan feels he’s about 90 percent straight and about 10 percent gay. His main goal is to land the ladies, he has a huge fondness for lesbian porn, but has been known on very few occasions to play with a dude. Normally when the guys say they have played with a guy, it’s usually that they got oral. But he says he’s pretty much done everything with a guy.  He’s gonna be a hard one to put a label on. He’s just really sexual. Silas has a very interesting jack-off technique. He’s not really a pillow fucker, but he likes to be face down fucking his fist. A bit challenging to film, but if you are more interested in the back door, you get a lot of chance to see his great ass. Enjoy! 

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