Benny Ryder, Sven Gronstrom, K. Conrad Hot Muscle!

May 31st, 2014|

Muscle Horseplay


Benny Ryder, Sven Gronstrom, Kevin Conrad Muscle Horseplay

On MuscleHunks.com


Nothing Like This on Those Free Tube Sites!

Any time LMS star Kevin Conrad is around a pack of his muscle buddies, there's an unspoken challenge to see who is the biggest, the hardest, the strongest – and frankly, the most potent. In this yummy muscle three-way interlude of boasts, flexing, swaggering, wrestling, and muscle JO, Kevin throws down the gauntlet as only he can do with popular new LMS'er and Powermen Big Boy Bait star Sven Gronstrom, and the venerable (andhugely hung) Benny Ryder. So who will win the challenge? We'll give you a hint: you will!



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Tobin One Hot Muscle Stud At Chaosmen !

May 30th, 2014|

Tobin One Hot And Classy Muscle Stud!

At ALL NEW Chaosmen.com! 

Special Solo Feature

When Micah told us his little brother might be interested in doing a solo or even more we were totally eager to see what his little brother looked like. He sent some pics and we were like, "WOW, you two look a lot a like, and yikes, he is hot!"

A week or two passes and Bryan finally go to book Tobin's flight, and realized his last name isn't the same as Micah's.  So he asked why? Turns out they aren't related in one small bit. They just have been friends for so long, and Micah has lived on and off with Tobin's family, that they both use the term "brother" loosely.

No Bromance going on at all though. The two wouldn't even do a side-by-side jerk of. "Too weird!" they said, even though they have banged girls at the same time. As for Tobin, he is quiet and a bit nervous. He is a little guy at 5 foot 6 or 7, but solid muscle and geez does he have a long dick on him. One thing is certain Tobin is quite beautiful!

He seems fine with doing guy-on-guy stuff since Micah is doing it, so we will see how he does getting his dick sucked next. He is hard to schedule, so it might be a while, but we're betting he will be back! In the mean time check him out!  

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MuscleHunk Arcady Zadrovic Live And Naked

May 28th, 2014|



   Arcady Zadrovic Live & Naked


Live And Naked With You TODAY!

 Hey, wanna wrestle? MuscleHunk discovery Arcady does.  In our business, we get to see some handsome muscle men with jaw-dropping physiques. Arkady Zadrovich is one of the gems from Bucharest, Romania. He's adorably cute, still a little on the boyish side in the face. But there's nothing boyish about his body – baseball-sized biceps, thick curved shoulders, and a strong back with muscles rippling down to that immense round bubble butt.  Oh and there's also his very suckable uncut cock.  Now you can see him live and naked for free as a member of MuscleHunks.com !! 

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Blue Eyed Muscle Beauty Logan Thomas Live!

May 26th, 2014|


Blue Eyed Muscle Beauty Logan Thomas Live!

On LiveMuscleShow.com


Weight:210 lbs
Height:6'2 ft
Chest:50 in
Waist:30 in
Bicep:18 in
Thigh:27 in
Yes, he's handsome, with deep-set blue eyes that look like they're staring into your very soul. But beware: Logan is a very, very bad boy. He knows he's beautiful, he knows how much people desire him, and he likes it that way. Hugely built, hugely hung – Logan prides himself on just how far over the edge of desire he can make you drop…. try him today – Only at LiveMuscleShow.com

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Buddy Crush It Happens At Work At MENATPLAY!

May 23rd, 2014|

Buddy Crush

Leo Domenico And Will Helm



Work colleagues Will Helm and Leo Domenico have always had a crush for each other since they started their internship together, but due to professional reasons neither of them have ever dared to make the first move…. till tonight.

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Jakes Lucky Day Seth Sweet Massaged At JakeCruise!

May 23rd, 2014|

Jake’s Lucky Day Seth Sweet Massaged!

At JakeCruise.com


Behold the chiseled glory that is Seth Sweet, a young man with a truly amazing set of body parts: abs that define the word "washboard," a big, round booty, huge biceps that have pumped more than their share of iron, and a huge fat cock even Jake can’t deep throat (and Jake has lots of practice.) Even if you don’t normally enjoy massage scenes, you ought to check this one out. It’s body worship at its finest, featuring a manly body you’ll love to sink your teeth into.  It definitely looks like Jake loves his work. Enjoy!

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Belami Month Of Colossal Cocks Jack, Roger & Paul!

May 22nd, 2014|

 Belami’s Month Of Colossal Cocks Jack, Roger & Paul!

Only At BelamiOnline.com 

Beyond Hot!

Starring Jack Harrer, Paul Meka & Roger Lambert

We kick off a month of ‘colossal cocks’ in grand style with 3 of our biggest when we brought Jack Harrer, Paul Mekas & Roger together. It’s a good thing that Roger Lambert likes to get fucked because he is in the middle of Paul Mekas and Jack Harrer in this condom free fuck scene. Both guys are very well hung and this just seems to increase the pleasure for Roger as the fuck him, first Paul and then Jack until they eat each others loads for an amazing ending! Hot boys, big dicks & daily content updates exclusively from BelAmiOnline.com!

  You won’t believe who’s cumming!


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Fords First Is With Trent Only At FratmenSucks!

May 18th, 2014|

Fords First Time Is With Trent!

Exclusively On


You Asked For It!

We Knew They Did It!

Sizzling Hot New Site!

It’s Ford’s first time with another guy. Let’s see how he handles Trent’s hammerhead...

Fratmen Ford and Trent are two ripped, muscular jocks with very disciplined looks. Both of these guys can be pretty serious, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a little bit of fun here and there. Trent, who’s been in some amazing action in the past, invites Ford over for a shower to relax and take a load off. Words aren’t needed as these stunning frat boys slowly yearn for one another. Our ripped, naked jocks grab each others cocks and stroke each other until they’re nice and hard. Sensing Ford is comfortable, Trent leans in to suck on his dick. To return the favor, Ford gives his best shot at sucking on Trent’s thick, hammerhead cock. After the shower, both of these jocks stay naked and head to the bed for some massages with an intense ending.


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Zeb Atlas And Landon Conrad At RagingStallion!

May 16th, 2014|

Zeb Atlas And Landon Conrad!

New Release!



Zeb Atlas towers over his extremely horny co-worker, Landon Conrad, who sports scruff on his handsome face and hair on his chiseled chest. Sucking away, Landon is busy gulping furiously on Zeb’s thick cock intensely deep-throating the meaty tool. The two construction workers smother each other with gritty kisses. Then, the hulky he-man blows Landon. It’s not long before Zeb wants more. He wants to bury his huge tool in Landon’s ass, and the burly stud gets what he wants.


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Barry Marshall Super Humongous At Musclehunks

May 13th, 2014|


Barry Marshall Management Tool 2.0


Exclusive model Barry Marshall’s super humongous Management Tool, so forcefully displayed in his Powermen.com appearance, now makes its ? er, we mean ‘his’ – grand first appearance here at MuscleHunks. The surprising part? It’s not the size, the width, the girth, the thickness of the veins, or the sheer impressiveness of it all — no, the truly amazing part ofBarry’s Management Tool is how damn playful he is with it! We just luuuuuv big beefy musclemen with big heavy tools, don’t we?



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