Sean Severan & Kyle McMillan Code of Silence | Falcon!

July 10th, 2017|

Sean Severan & Kyle McMillan

Code Of Silence

 Sean Zevran and Kyle McMillan are on duty at a deserted post in the desert. It's extremely isolated. Sean commands Kyle to put down his weapon and open his mouth. Sean is already hard as rock and he slips his big, curved, uncut Marine dick inside his subordinate's warm, wet mouth. Sean gets completely naked as Kyle continues to service the hunky stud in the hot afternoon sun. Beads of sweat form on Sean's shaved head as he focuses all of his attention on the amazing blowjob Kyle is providing. Kyle doesn't want to miss an inch of Sean's stiff dick and uses his mouth and tongue to service Kyle's big swollen balls and shaft. He licks and sucks until Sean moans out and unleashes his load. Kyle catches every last drop inside his hungry mouth and spits it back out onto Sean's shuddering body and freshly serviced dick.


Paddy O’ Brian Fucks Francois Sagat | Men.com!

July 6th, 2017|

Paddy O' Brian Fucks Francois Sagat

Dream Fuckers!

Paddy O’Brian drifts off into dreamland and meets the man of his hottest fantasies: Francois Sagat. Francois treats Paddy passionately, the two studs working up a sweat until explosive release.


Justin Brody Fucks Ricky Roman | Cockyboys!

July 5th, 2017|

Justin Brody Fucks Ricky Roman

Missed Connections!

There's no wrong way to make a connection, even if it's as instant as a few quick glances outside a bookshop in Los Angeles. As Ricky Roman recounts with a deep, sultry narration, it's actually these passing connections that often drive us the most wild. Ricky meets a man named Justin but can't remember that this man is in fact Justin Brody. And after being so transfixed on Justin's striking blue eyes, his forwardness, and that hard bulge in his denim jeans, Ricky forgets to save Justin's phone number. Watch what happens when he finds it lol!



Jason Smith Bareback’s Geoffrey Lloyd Raw | Cocksuremen!

July 4th, 2017|

Jason Smith Barebacks Geoffrey Lloyd Raw!

Jason Smith and Geoffrey Lloyd kiss passionately by the bed. Jason sucks Geoffrey first. Jason pulls out his super thick uncut cock and Geoffrey gets to work. Jason has the look of a rough guy, but he's very sweet in bed. His cock is massively thick and Geoffrey can't wait to get his raw cock in him. Jason lays Geoffrey on the bed and starts to fuck him bareback. Jason holds Geoffrey's legs as he pounds away. Jason lays on the bed and Geoffrey takes a bareback ride on his raw cock. Jason pummels Geoffrey from below, going deep, and Geoffrey strokes his hard cock. They give Geoffrey's ass a rest and Jason sucks on his big cock and kisses him. Geoffrey is ready for more raw cock and Jason gives it to him doggy-style. Jason pulls out and shoots his load on Geoffrey's crack. He pushes his prick back in bareback seeding him. Geoffrey is super close and quickly lays on his back just in time to blast out a gusher. They laugh a little then kiss. The chemistry between them is astounding.



Hoyt Tops Newbie Steve Skarsgaard | Freshmen!

July 1st, 2017|

Hoyt Tops Newbie Steve Skarsgaard

Continuing with newbie Steve Skarsgaard. Everyone seems to really like Steve from his solo and photos.  Here are some of his first scenes with Hoyt , you are getting his best scene and it may be hard to notice any issues in his performance here with uber sexy Hoyt Kogan. Enjoy!