Wes “Like A Champ” At BukBuddies.com

January 31st, 2008|

Wes From BukBuddies.com

Wes, is hot and fresh. Basically, your average guy 23 year old street wise hottie, he makes a really big splash in his BukBuddies debut in “Like A Champ.” Whether in or out of his baseball digs, he cums across as the kind of kid you’d like to have around for an afternoon of fun and games. He’s straight out of the army and looking for a way to fill his down time, so doing a little porn acting was just what the doctor ordered.  Enjoy. 

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Jason Crew A Big Ten At Xtra Inches.com

January 31st, 2008|

Title Jason Crew At Xtra Inches

Young Jason Crew has a huge, 10 inch cock, but not only is he hung like a horse; he’s also totally hot, with college guy good looks and beautiful blue-green eyes. He has a horny time showing off his big cock for you in this solo performance which ends in a yummy cum shot.  Enjoy! 

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Joshua At VarsityMen.com

January 31st, 2008|

Introducing Joshua At VarsityMen.com

Joshua a sophomore at a local college where he’s majoring in communications. He’s got a gift for gab and a ready smile so that major sounds about right. JOSHUA told us that he works out 5x’s a week and it shows. He’s got amazingly smooth and soft skin and we wouldn’t mind rubbing our hands all over his hot body!! This boy is beautiful! Enjoy.

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Buck The Naked Chief At UKNAKEDMEN.com

January 30th, 2008|

Introducing "Buck" At UKNAKEDMEN.com

The most disappointing thing about British television’s The Naked Chef was the complete lack of nudity. We’ve redressed with an abundance of nudity and no cooking. It’s even more mouth watering, look at that delicious, ‘all-meat’ cock and those fuzzy peach buns. Let your eyes roam up and down those legs, oh those legs, you could spend an evening kissing your way up and down those pins, but when you get to the top……..you’d be going down. 

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Mark Talon Busts A Nut

January 30th, 2008|

Mark Talon At Collegedudes247.com

Mark Talon is a very sexy law student who does not mind showing us his briefs. . . and more! In this hot solo we see Mark stroke his cock for all it is worth, and you can tell he is really enjoying it. Mark works up a sweat as he rubs his chest, plays with his humongous balls and fingers his juicy cock-head. This is a great jerk-off vid, and Mark knows how to turn people on. After he has stroked it all over the couch, he delivers a nice thick load of cum – just for us!

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Introducing Jonas At Fratmen.tv

January 29th, 2008|

Introducing Jonas At Fratmen.tv 

Jonas is a very warm, sweet guy. He’s lean and very athletic.  He’s got a smile that will follow him throughout life and gain him many admirers and friends.  We love the way he looks naked, the way his cock and balls hang and the expressions on his face naked.. Gotta love Jonas! Enjoy. 

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Lucas At ChaosMen.com

January 28th, 2008|

Introducing Lucas At ChaosMen.com

Lucas is a student with one year left of college. I don’t know why, but he reminds you of a young Sylvester Stalone. Maybe it’s the eyes. He’s a runner, and enjoys playing football and is pretty into his college football team. He was eager to nut so he could watch the kick-off his team. He’s super polite and a very easy guy to talk to. The best word I can find for him is he is pleasant. Very easy going, well-spoke, but you can tell he can turn it up a notch or three. He’s a got a girlfriend that he seems to be pretty into, and appears to be very satisfied with their sex life.

His solo is pretty hot. He’s got a great jack off technique that really shows off his dick, kind of Start Stop approach, like gunning an engine. And this was one of those videos where the guy loved showing off and his dick liked the attention. Enjoy. 

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Steve Cruz Dream Team Member At NakedSword

January 27th, 2008|

Introducing Steve Cruz At NakedSword.com

So hairy and compact; we like to think of him as our own personal Teddy Bear! Steve Cruz’s rise to superstardom has been nothing short of meteoric! NakedSword couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate his success than by electing him to their Dream Team for January. If you like harry and hung then check out  Steve (and all of his movies).  You’ll enjoy NakedSword’s free photo gallery and exclusive desktop wallpaper. Enjoy. 

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Carlos From Mexico City At MiamiBoyz.com

January 27th, 2008|

Introducing Carlos At MiamiBoyz.com

"Carlos is from Mexico City. He is currently living in the US as a student studying business. He’s 19, 5′ 10", 140, and has a nice 7 inch cut cock. He’s also got a hot bubble butt! He enjoys swimming, running, and loves to party! He’s straight but always wanted to show off his hot body (check out that 6 pack) on a porn site so MiamiBoyz jumped at the chance to feature him! You will see this hot Latin boy ONLY on MiamiBoyz!"  Enjoy. 

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Introducing Gaucho At VarsityMen.com

January 26th, 2008|

Introducing Gaucho At VarsityMen.com

 VarsityMen is featuring one of their members favorites – GAUCHO.
This sizzling hot 25 year old has been really diligent with his works out and now has an amazingly defined six pack! Doesn’t hurt that he’s very sexy and well hung, too and how about those beautiful green eyes! Enjoy.

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