Trevor Fucks Brent

This video is priceless. First, we get to see straight fraternity stud Trevor get it on in some intense hardcore action with another guy for the very first time – that lean, tall bod and big, long dick of his going at it hot and heavy as he plows Brent’s tight hole. Secondly, Trevor’s reactions to everything and how his first time progresses is just incredible. You can really see this stud go from nervous and anxious to being overwhelmed by how good it feels to have a tight hole wrapped around that big dick of his. He’s a total stud, and sure as heck knows how to fuck (was there any doubt, given what an obvious ladies’ man he is and how many lucky college girls have been treated to his skills?).

If there’s anyone that can make a fellow straight stud’s first time worthwhile, it’s Brent. There’s just no substitute for one of the CF guy’s first times being with another hot college man who can not only remember their own first time and what it took to put them at ease, but is also entirely enthusiastic and energetic with every session they approach. Brent is the ideal partner when it comes to just that.

Both of these guys are such lookers with great physiques, faces, asses, dicks and everything in between, but also because each has a personality and mannerisms that are so hot to watch. Brent knows how to pursue and deliver pleasure, and Trevor displays every emotion as he goes from nervous to enthralled! I gotta say, I could hardly believe it when Trevor agreed to give the CF Education a shot… This is a boner maker for sure!! Enjoy!

We love Trevor and Brent and that’s a wrap