Jake Andrews & Karim In “Dual” At COLTstudios

July 31st, 2008|

  Dual: Taking It Like A Man At COLTStudiogroup.com

Our latest COLT gallery is from DUAL: Taking It Like A Man and features COLT men Jake Andrews and Karim. 

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Who’s Your Buddy…. Meet Mason At NDM

July 31st, 2008|

Meet Mason At NextDoorMale.com

If you haven’t seen this hunk before, you’re missing out. Meet Mason, a young sex symbol who travels around doing a bit of porn here and there. He showed up at NDM studio about a month ago, looking for some work so he could go on a vacation in August. They liked his personality and his look, so they welcomed him aboard the NextDoorStudio train and that’s when the fun began.

Mason does his thing in a few different settings for this scene. He begins while sitting in a living room chair. After getting naked he goes into the kitchen where he spews his warm load of man milk all over the table. Dinner is served! Yum!  Enjoy. 

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Jake Messing Around With Will At EnglishLads

July 31st, 2008|

Jake Messing Around With Will At EnglishLads.com

Today it Str8 lad Jake’s turn to mess with the very popular Will who just cant seem to get enough of this str8 hunk. They are in a hot tropical location and they are soon kissing and Jake drop to his knees for a mouthful of Will’s thick young cock! There is definitely a buzz here, did Jake forget he is str8! They suck each other and Will then Rims young Jake’s ass who pants and groans in pleasure. He then jumps on top of Will and rides him, in a load of positions before its all too much for this str8 hunk and he cums while riding, Will then jerks off and shoots a massive load drowning his body!  Enjoy. 

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Introducing Nico & Duncan On VideoBoys.com

July 31st, 2008|

Nico & Duncan On VideoBoys.com

New Site Alert

VideoBoys.com is the sister site to Squrtz.com While Squirtz is strictly solo content, Videoboys takes all the best Squirtz models, matches them up and puts them in triple X action.

Ian Duncan is relaxing at a quaint Bed and Breakfast, when he calls down to the reception to request some clean towels. A few minutes later, fresh faced young Nico, from housekeeping, arrives at Ian’s room with the towels and a mischievous grin. Ian asks Nico to come in and fix a faulty shower and when the water from shower ends up all over Nico, Ian offers to dry Nico’s clothes if he will just take them off. Once the skin is exposed there is no turning back. And what starts out as a suck-fest in the bathroom, progresses to a fuck-fest in the living room. Guess who is top?  Enjoy.

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RC Get’s Fucked At CockyBoys.com

July 30th, 2008|

RC Get’s Fucked At CockyBoys.com

Finally RC takes the plunge – a cock being driven up his tight hole. RC has topped a lot of boys over the years – including a lot of straight ones getting fucked for the first time. Kyle didn’t think he ever understood what they were going through, until now. RC wanted to just do a couple of scenes and still score enough money to hold him over while he focused on training as a fighter. Kyle threw out the idea of bottoming for CockyBoys. At first he was dead set against it. Then for some reason he suddenly changed his mind. Kyle knew RC might have a tough time with it, so he reached out to Jason Hawke to do the deed. Jason’s experienced, and big enough to hold RC in position if he started wiggling all over the place. When the time came – RC was very nervous. We’ve never seen such a big strong hot muscle stud so rattled, so Kyle didn’t waste time and got down to it. The scene starts with Jason Hawke sucking RC’s dick to help him relax and get him worked up. After a warm up, RC decided he wanted to start by riding Jason’s dick – and ride it he does. As RC lowers his ass you can see Jason’s dick plow straight up RC’s hole. RC rides Jason’s cock in a couple of positions, during which you can see RC grimace and grunt over and over as Jason’s dick splits his hole. Next Jason fucks RC doggie style, and makes RC arch his ass up in the air to take Jason’s cock. The final position has RC on his back, with his knees practically touching his ears, getting a pounding he’ll certainly remember. The hottest part comes as RC blows his load while Jason is still fucking him…. It’s awesome. It’s probably the best ‘straight boy gets fucked’ scene we’ve ever watched. Do yourself a favor – check it our.

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Introducing Greg At BukBuddies.com

July 30th, 2008|

Introducing Greg At BukBuddies.com

We all know Carl, and his twin brother Greg. Well, last week we featured Carl and he was … is smokin HOT. This week it’s all about Carl’s twin, Greg, and no you’re not seeing double; Greg is just as HOT. Summer is in full swing so shooting Greg in the hot tub seemed a no brainer, giving him a chance to show off his huge package while performing tricks in the tub. We started off the set with some beautiful portrait shots and some erotic poses, nude and semi nude paying close attention to Greg’s smooth toned body. His arm pits and pubs are natural and mirror the dark brown hair that crowns his handsome face. The shots in his yellow and orange swim trunks sizzle as Greg plays erotic peek-a-boo for the camera.

Greg exercises on the deck and does a few jumping jacks letting his junk bounce freely under his black gym shorts. Then in the hot tub he shows off his wet tighty whiteys just like his twin Carl did in his set … but with a totally different look, sultry and penetrating replacing the sexual indifference of his brother.

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Greg’s money shot is a tour de force: first sitting, then standing and then seated again, he abuses himself in an almost violent masturbation sequence. This is raw str8 sexual energy at its best. It’s thumbs up as Greg shoots his load for the camera and his fans at BukBuddies.

Doubling your viewing pleasure, enjoy Greg in Guess Who Part II.

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Savas On RealBoys4U.com

July 30th, 2008|

Savas on Realboys4u

And once again we get to see a hot turkish guy on the Pixelrevolt Network of Sites. This week it`s Savas showing of his cut turkish boymeat. Watch this horny Boy jerk it off and shoot a big load!

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Troy Gabriel And Leo Donis At CollegeDudes247

July 29th, 2008|


Troy Gabriel and Leo Donis At CollegeDudes247.com

Troy Gabriel and Leo Donis have become great friends since they joined CollegeDudes247. It was their idea to do a lube-wrestling video that ends up in a hot sweaty jerk-off, so we thought it would be perfect to get Leo to do it before he changed his mind. He is still pretty new to the guy-on-guy thing, but Leo is rock hard after he and Troy get, um, a little bodily contact going. And Troy is a great sport, too! He even gives us a nice view of his crack before he busts his nut.

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Summer Got You Down? We’ll Get You Up!

July 29th, 2008|

Are You In The Mood For Some Fun Now!

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Meet Young Czech Edvar at VarsityMen.com

July 29th, 2008|

Meet Edvar At Varsitymen.com

This week we’re featuring hot Czech stud EDVAR. EDVAR is 22 years old and works at a hotel front desk. He was very charismatic and very sexy the first time we met him and he held true to form the time we were at his hotel. The day before we left we asked EDVAR if he’d like to make some extra money. He quicky responded yes and the guys did 2 shoots of him. This is the 1st. Enjoy. 

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