Ridge Fucks Tyler At CockyBoys.com

So here’s a boy that we/ve been waiting to show you. Tyler Peter. He’s not as innocent as his smile may lead you to believe. Not even a twisted ankle will stop this stud from getting what he wants. Ridge is swimming laps naked in the pool when Tyler gimps out to lay out poolside. Convo starts and soon Tyler is in the pool making out with Ridge (Tyler has that affect on people). They start playing with each other’s hard, submerged cocks while they kiss. Ridge sits up on the edge of the pool and starts pulling Tyler’s eager mouth onto his big dick. Soon they switch roles and Ridge is rubbing up and down Tyler’s ripped stomach as he sucks that beautiful dick of his. Tyler, as shy as he is, tells Ridge to eat his ass and then rolls over onto all fours without even waiting for an answer. Ridge is all to happy to oblige and goes to town on that hot ass. Not to be outdone Tyler dives into Ridge’s hot ass like a pro. Tyler then goes back to sucking Ridge’s fat cock. Then Ridge takes control and pushes Tyler onto his back and starts fucking him good. Tyler has a happy grin and a hard cock while his hole is getting pounded. Tyler cums all over his stomach while Ridge fingers his hole. Returning the favor Tyler sucks Ridge til he shoots his hot load. How’d you spend your summer?

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