Summer At The Fratpad!

Summer is still going strong at the Fratpad, although when you live in an equatorial region, it’s always summer. They still won’t tell us exactly which island the "Internet’s first LIVE & INTERACTIVE reality show" is situated, but it seems that more and more hunks are being brought into the fold. Taylor made his debut as a pledge.

Taylor was a Fratmen fan favorite for over two years before the powers that be finally got him to show his big smile, blond hair and beefy body to the members. (But here’s a rare Fratmen trivia fact…. Taylor shot his first Fratmen movie the same weekend that Fratpad alumni from years past – David and Damon – shot theirs. That must have been one steamy warp party after that. ) 

Shay and Diego keep finding reasons to rub each other down and rub another one out, Ty has been showing us all how he got that amazing body and the guys have been having MORE jack-off races.

The last Jack-0ff race between Ty and Jayden was the hottest yet as the two Fratmen stood facing each other, dicks in hand as they raced to stay clean. The climax – literally – was when Ty blew his substantial load ALL OVER Jayden’s dick while he was still trying to jack off. The guys all stood around and laughed but Jayden took it like a man.

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 It’s always hot at the Fratpad!

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