Introducing Fratman Hunter

Meet Hunter, the newest  Fratmen.   Hunter’s a hunky blonde stud from the south who was featured in Pledge Class 4. He likes to spend his time out in the wild and says that he likes to hang out naked any chance he gets. was happy to give him the chance and we’re glad he did to!  Enjoy Hunter.  

You’re adorable Hunter  

Fratmen Collin’s Live Show

 Here’s a special treat!  Some stills from Fratman Collin’s LIVE! show on Fratmen.TV. Collin is their resident hero… when Chase fell off a counter and split open his shin, Collin was first on the scene demonstrating his First Aid skills. They’re lucky to have a Life Guard in training at the pad. Collin then got up and did this rather hot LIVE! show exclusively for the members of Fratmen.TV. This Tennessee stud has a thick, hairy chest, a great smile and a booming voice you won’t believe. His full length movie will be out at the end of next week, but members can already check him out LIVE! Oh, and Chase needed some stiches, but he’s fine and was back at the pad later that night.   Ps. Collin also as you can see has a nice big fact juicy wiener!


Fratpad really is a live and interactive nude reality show.

We have some very fun pics of the guys from Fratpad having a sort of.. we’re not sure.. a group naked workout session. Or something. The 4-man naked push-ups were hot enough but watching the guys jumping around naked together was not only hilarious, it was enough JO material for a week. The guys at the pad love to show off and just hang out naked. The guys in the pics are Spencer, Ricky, Dean and Alan.


This week’s Fratpad Friday show will be the highly anticipated "JACK-OFF RACE III" where Ricky and Collin go head to head. The rules are simple.. two men enter, one leaves with the other guy’s cum all over him. 

OK.. the rules are this.. Two guys jack off and the first one to cum blows his load on the loser, which means that they REALLY have an incentive to cum first.  The other guys will all be there cheering them on and yes.. we’ll shoot some good quality video to put in the Fratpad blog and send you some clips and snapshots.

The first Jack-off race is on xtube as the 4th highest viewed clip on xtube EVER.  over 1 million views.