Patrick Dunne Bottoms For Muscle God Romeo Alfonso!

May 12th, 2016|

Patrick Dunne And Muscle God Romeo Alfonso!


Sizzling HOT!

Patrick & Romeo – Patrick Dunne is back. It has been a while, but as soon as Randy heard that southern twang come through the doors, he realized how much we have all missed this hot stud. And as soon as he saw that he was with muscle god Romeo Alfonso, a big huge smile went across his face. After a great photo shoot, the two went inside to the bedroom and began to make out. Patrick felt how big Romeo was, and pulled out

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Winning Ball Starring Johnny Rapid Double Stuffed!

May 12th, 2016|

Winning Ball Johnny Rapid Double Stuffed!

Rafael Alencar, Blaze, Johnny Rapid, Leo Forte & Brad Foxx


Hot Scene Alert!

.massive cock of his Prison Shower costar Rafael Alencar Frustrated, the guys find a way to release some anger and Johnny fares no better at keeping his opponents from scoring.  Johnny manages his first double penetration including the Johnny Rapid. The soccer team suffered a humiliating defeat and the guys place the blame on goalie


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Mick Lovell Fucks Rhys Jagger BB At Belami!

May 11th, 2016|

Mick Lovell Fucks Rhys Jagger BB



For those of you who are DVD customers, this scene will already seem familiar as it is on our DVD 'Goodbye Kisses'. The rest of us still have to wait a little longer for the scene itself.  However we are told this is one of the hottest scenes held in reserve including Mick Lovell.  Here we have a choice selection of photographs taken during the filming of this scene with Mick and the super popular Rhys Jagger.  These two studs are without a doubt two of the all time top Belami models!  Enjoy!

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!

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Scott Matthews Rocket Cock At EnglishLads!

May 10th, 2016|

Tyler Pierce Killer Hot Jock!

At EnglishLads

Sizzling Hot!

Scott is a young straight man I met when he came round my house to do some electrical work; before he knew it he was naked in front of my camera, it was a nice hot say so he strips down to his boxers on the roof and shows off his perfectly toned body. He is quite hairy on his legs and a sprinkling on his body and one of those nice lively cocks, that comes out a bit semi and stands up like a nice rocket. Not shy he shows us his very shapely peach and then bends over and shows off that lightly fuzzed hole. After all the teasing and sunshine he is soon lying down, tensing and unloading cum on his abs. Not a bad first shoot!

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Lukas Novy Stunning Euro Hunk At WilliamHiggins !

May 8th, 2016|

Lukas Novy Stunning Euro Hunk


All New Sizzling HOT SITE

 William Higgins does it again with this absolute Adonis. He’s got abs you could wash clothes on and an ass that just won’t quit. He also has a huge dick and eyes that you could stare at for days, what a hunk!  

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Viktor Rom Pounds Dylan James Raw At Lucas!

May 6th, 2016|

Viktor Rom Pounds Dylan James Raw!



It’s been said before on the Lucas Blog that Viktor Rom is a total top — not to mention why that makes him appealing in this world filled with bottoms. Dylan James agrees: Dylan is versatile, but liked the idea of Viktor taking his ass for a ride from start to finish. Why not relax and enjoy a full-service job? Viktor does not disappoint him: he starts with a foot rub that turns quickly into a strip show (Dylan can’t hide his excitement when he sees Viktor’s beautiful uncut Latin cock pop out of his shorts). Dylan’s jaw gets a workout in between the raw pounding action.

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Coen Handsome Sexually Super Charged Stud At SeanCody!

May 5th, 2016|


Handsome, Sexually Super Charged Stud

Sean Cody


Coen showed up on set and right away we knew we had home run. He had everything that made the complete SeanCody package; from an amazing smile to a killer body, Coen looked perfect. “I get complements on my smile all the time, that and my laugh!” He started laughing. “People say I have an infectious laugh.” That he did. We started out the day getting to know Coen a bit at the beach when we realized that this guy is always horny…always. “I dunno man, its something about being this sexually charged up, even the slightest breeze is making me pop a boner!” Coen didn't even wait until we got back to the studio. He asked us to turn the camera on him in the car cause he was ready to go. He stripped down in the back seat and shot a huge load right on the way back to the studio. It was awesome.

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Drae Axtell BB Fucks Sergeant Miles At Lucas!

May 4th, 2016|

Drae Axtell BB Fucks Sergeant Miles!

Lucas Entertainment


Teaming up Drae Axtell with Sergeant Miles was an easy decision — Sergeant is a total cock whore, and Drae’s package is a gay man’s wet dream. There’s nothing lost in this scene, either: there is plenty of dick sucking (yes, Sergeant’s face turns a bright red hue as he gags down every inch of Drae’s cock), ass licking (Drae laps up Sergeant’s hole before bareback penetration) and then some incredible fucking. Drae is in top shape while he’s fucking Sergeant: but make sure you turn your volume down, because Sergeant’s moans might blow out your speakers. After seeing this, you’ll certainly salute Sergeant Miles!

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Cruising For Ass Dylan Knight Colton Grey HotHouse!

May 3rd, 2016|

Dylan Knight & Colton Grey

Crusing For Ass


Handsome Colton Grey is relaxed, smoking a cig in a dark alley, hoping that someone might service his butt. Lucky for him, Dylan Knight is cruising for ass and likes what he sees. Jock Dylan approaches, starts kissing Colton and goes for the goods right away, mouthing Colton's cock through his pants and then pulling them down to suck on Colton's instant hard on. Colton's cock is meaty and his hot, toned body writhes with pleasure every time Dylan swallows his meat. Colton's quickly bent over and Dylan is going to town on Colton's hot hole with his tongue. Colton spreads his butt cheeks and moves into different positions so Dylan can get deep inside with his tongue. Colton's bent over the hood of a muscle car, and Dylan shows him why he's a master of ass — now with his cock. With leg up, Colton's ass is taking it from behind like a trooper and Dylan's balls are slapping his taint with every stroke. With Colton on his back, Dylan delivers long deep strokes to his butt while stroking his pole and stretching his hole. Colton jerks his meat until shoots out a wad, and Dylan sprays cum all over Colton's balls.

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