Introducing Greg At

We all know Carl, and his twin brother Greg. Well, last week we featured Carl and he was … is smokin HOT. This week it’s all about Carl’s twin, Greg, and no you’re not seeing double; Greg is just as HOT. Summer is in full swing so shooting Greg in the hot tub seemed a no brainer, giving him a chance to show off his huge package while performing tricks in the tub. We started off the set with some beautiful portrait shots and some erotic poses, nude and semi nude paying close attention to Greg’s smooth toned body. His arm pits and pubs are natural and mirror the dark brown hair that crowns his handsome face. The shots in his yellow and orange swim trunks sizzle as Greg plays erotic peek-a-boo for the camera.

Greg exercises on the deck and does a few jumping jacks letting his junk bounce freely under his black gym shorts. Then in the hot tub he shows off his wet tighty whiteys just like his twin Carl did in his set … but with a totally different look, sultry and penetrating replacing the sexual indifference of his brother.

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Greg’s money shot is a tour de force: first sitting, then standing and then seated again, he abuses himself in an almost violent masturbation sequence. This is raw str8 sexual energy at its best. It’s thumbs up as Greg shoots his load for the camera and his fans at BukBuddies.

Doubling your viewing pleasure, enjoy Greg in Guess Who Part II.

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