Starring Mason Wyler And Brock In Drafted 3


Brace yourself good for Active Duty’s update as it’s one hell of a surprise. They’ve got a brand new release for you, Drafted 3. But this release isn’t like anything lately as it brings back one of the most popular and loved Active Duty favorites to the fold. King Cole makes his return to Active Duty in Drafted 3.  Dink Flamingo says, "words fail me when I try to express what Cole means to me and I’m sure all of you share my love for him. A little over four years ago, I eased up beside a small compact car at a stop light in NC and when I looked over I almost completely lost it. Looking back at me was one of the prettiest faces I’d ever laid eyes on. When the light changed, I gunned it and pretty much started chasing him down. Cole later told me he thought I was crazy, but eventually he stopped to see what my problem was. Big Jake was with me on this fateful day and he gave Cole a card while the two of us tried hard to convince him we were legit. Can you imagine?" Oh yeah, we can imagine. 

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