Jason Pounds Jonathan At CockyBoys.com

JASON POUNDS JONATHAN. Morning sex is the best. Waking up with morning wood, grabbing the boy next to you, and fucking until you both blow your loads. It’s hard to capture that on film, but Jason White, Jonathan Lowe  thought it would be hot to try. So, they crashed next to them and the next morning Jonathan woke up first, with a rock hard boner, and the game was on. Jonathan wakes Jason up by sucking Jason’s cock. It quickly turns to 69ing, and then Jonathan rimming Jason. In no time Jason is pushing Jonathan’s legs in the air, and splitting Jonathan’s ass with his 9 inch cock. You can hear Jonathan shout out in pain as the 9 incher goes in his ass. Next Jonathan rides Jason, and then Jason pile-drives Jonathan – some super fucking hot penetration shots. The scene ends with Jonthan cumming as Jason keeps pounding him, and then Jason pulls out and covers Jonathan in cum. It’s a wicked hot scene. Good fucking morning…. Check it out. 

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