Caught In The CrossFire At

This week Active Duty is continuing to celebrate the return of two of their favorite men, Thomas and Elijah. Caught in the Crossfire brings these two together with that ultra sexy and ever-so-willing, Gio who is new to the Active Duty family. Thomas fucks Gio, Gio fucks Elijah and Elijah blows a huge wad all over Gio’s face. He certainly got Caught in the Crossfire in this threeway and ended up with Eli’s hot spray of ammo all over his face. Thomas and Elijah didn’t have to train this new recruit, he came ready for action and boy did he ever get what he came for. Gio is quickly becoming a favorite here at Active Duty and once you see Caught in the Crossfire, you’ll know why.

The other great scene in Caught in the Crossfire features Spencer, Elijah and newcomer, Levi.  Left to their own devices, they quickly come up with some great maneuvers on their own. Real troopers, these three are standing at full attention (and giving each other plenty of it) in no time at all. Levi is an angelic baby-faced blonde that just oozes sexual curiousity and Spencer and Elijah help him discover some new horizons as he eats Elijah’s ass in preparation for the fucking he gives it later in the scene. Be sure to check out the full XXX description for Caught in the Crossfire and check out the free pics in the video store, or catch it streaming live if you are a member!

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