Ink Storm From Raging Stallion Studios


( The Music Is HOT!!!)


 Cory Koons , Jake Deckard , Logan McCree, Montaz Morgan , Ricky Sinz, Steve Cruz, Tamas Eszterhazy, Tober Brandt

Tattoos are about transformation. A call from within that appears on the skin. They are about someones need to be seen as the unique person that they are. Their stories are etched into their skin like markings of DNA. Some people believe that their tattoos were destiny, just waiting to be released by the needle as it cuts over the flesh. Raging Stallion Man of the Year badboy Jake Deckard brings you a movie featuring some of the hottest tattooed studs in porn today. Each of these men are rare. They feel the need to express their individuality in animal ways. They are made of flesh, and live on the edge. Hungry to be touched, explored, and pushed to their limits, each of these pairs of men find themselves in situations that allow them to release themselves and be free. They know sometimes you have to suffer for beauty. They are the wild boys and they are horny fuckers on the lookout for action. Jake has captured these colorful characters in fun, sexy, hardcore action. It’s a fun-house-thrill-ride-fuck-fest.


Corey Coons

Jake Deckard

Logan Mc Cree

Montaz Morgan

Rick Sinz

Steve Cruz

Tober Brandt

Tomaz Esterhazy