Meet Saber From ChaosMen

Saber is going to work with Bryan to help him take on the straight boys. 

Though he’s always wanted to do gay porn, he was very nervous. But it sure didn’t stop him from firing up his big ‘ole uncut dick! Where do these young uns get ’em from?! Must be the water or all the vitamins!

And was he ever turned on by doing the video. Saber was showing off his ass to the camera and then he busted a nut. Not even worth it as an outtake as not a single camera caught it. He was a bit horrified as he really wanted to come work with the hot guys on the site and he was worried it would ruin his chances. Not hardly lol.

He assured Bryan he could bust again, and in no time flat he fired up his dick, busting a second nut (and a respectable one at that!). He was hired!

Look for Saber in action this week!

Luv ya Saber and that’s a wrap