Introducing ChaosMan "Rocco"

Rocco is undoubtedly one of the hottest model ever showcased on Chaosmen. Bryan filmed him in HD. It’s Bryan’s first HD movie. Congratulations! ROcco is the first model in HD with more on the way!

There will be new HD formatted videos forthcoming. We will be seeing Chaosmen moving to the HD format in the next 3-4 months.

The feedback so far is amazing. Not only do members love Rocco, but the format is a huge success.
Rocco has piercing blue eyes, an amazing physique, and a dick that will drill a giant hole in you no matter which hole you choose…another great porn cock!

Rocco is one nice guy too. Confident but not cocky, and eager to please. He grew up playing sports and has thrown himself in to modeling full time. Thank goodness he is not shy about showing off his dick!

He’s a great guy, and enjoyed his shoot alot.

Rocco’s straight, but said he might be willing to get a blow job. So we will keep our fingers crossed that he will be back for more.


We love Rocco and that’s a wrap