Introducing Remy From YUM!

Remy – At The Pump

Without a doubt Remy is one of the true stars of the SexGaymes team. He has now starred in many of their movies and each time he just keeps getting better and better. He truly has a true sense of his grace (and HOT physique) when in front of the camera.

We love Remy

Also Introducing Kristian From

Meet Kristian

Kristian Winter is definitely one of the favourite team members at He’s always fun on set as well as being one hell of a horny guy. He’s got a huge cock and the longest eye lashes. Here’s some shots from Getting Rucked – The Shower Room where we paired him with another of our favorites Remy for a super hot episode. We love Kristian

Click Here To Watch A Clip of Remy Fucking Kristian In The Shower It’s Hot