This is the crown jewel of muscle fucking – a motherfuckin beauty of an episode. International poster hunk for muscle bears, Turkish superstar Huessein, and rising Canadian megastar, the smokin hot Brendan Davies, come together in what could be the hottest fucking you have seen in a while. 

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Marcos David and Enrique Currero are already on their knees with Antonio Biaggis massive cock dangling above them. Antonio stands at full attention on the St. Andrews cross as Marcos and Enrique pay homage to his dick with their mouths and hands. Once they start fucking the energy rises. Antonio watches as Marcos pounds away at Enrique’s pink hole. Antonio’s dick stretches Enrique to the limit, literally pumping the cum into his balls. Marcos shoots while watching the fucking, followed by Antonio who pulls out and covers Enrique’s chest as Enrique pops his load and spills it on the floor. 

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