Brent and Cody At

Can you believe that Brent Diggs has never had sex with a guy before? Our fresh faced superstud has been breaking his taboos and exploring new territory ever since he started with Randy Blue a year and a half ago. And he just keeps getting hotter and hotter. As if he didn’t have an amazing body before, he’s even more buff now. Seems our friend Chris Rockway has been giving Brent some pointers, and he’s put them to good use. Excited to show off all his hard work at the gym, he was ready for the camera and what’s more, he was ready for some man ass. When asked who he wanted to be his first, he answered with a huge grin that he wanted Cody Fallon.  Cody said he would like to be Brent’s first. He said he was excited because this would be his first time bottoming in a video that wasn’t a three-way. So this was going to be a first for both of them. The energy was high and the guys were both really turned on. Brent was a natural, going at Cody’s ass like it was a Saturday night and they had just gotten home from dancing at a club. And you can tell how much Cody is enjoying himself by the way his rock hard cock bounces up again, making a little slapping noise as it smacks against Cody’s tight little stomach.  Brent cums on Cody’s backside and Cody lets loose with a stream of gooey jizz all over the bed.  Enjoy.

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