Introducing Evan Grey From

Evan Grey is a hot muscle boy who attends college in Wisconsin. His milky white skin helps bring out out his gorgeous blue eyes. You can’t help but notice his blue eyes when you look at him.  His body is broad and ripped.  Evan has never done a jack off video before but, as he put it,  "Why not get paid for something I already do all the time." He has a very shy smile but, you can clearly see a little devil in him- It’s like he is constantly thinking all the dirty things he wants to do. Evan is one big walking fantasy. He walked into the shoot wearing shirt that reads RIDE ME.  You can tell that he loved showing his body and his big fact cock off to the camera. Knowing that thousands of people will be watching him jerk it turned him on so much. That thought fueled the explosive cumshot that ended the video.   Enjoy Evan!!

Evan is a major hottie

 Watch Evan’s Clip Below