Zak Parker New At 

Randy’s eating habits suck. He eats out a lot and with all the different food choices you can find in Los Angeles he rarely keeps it to the basics and he noticed some of his tighter sexy jeans were getting a little more snug than usual. So he decided to head to one of our hip organic grocery stores to buy some healthy food and make an attempt to eat better. The first thing that he noticed when he got there was the wide selection of garden fresh vegetables… okay, we’re totally kidding. The first thing he noticed was all the hot guys who obviously kept themselves in shape by eating well and working out. He decided to strike up a conversation with a really handsome dark haired guy with an amazing body in hopes of finding out which veggies were the freshest… RIGHT…. He wanted to get in his pants! They started talking and he told Randy his name was Zak Parker. He had such a handsome face and adorable smile, not to mention a tight muscular body, the outline of which  could easily be seen through his thin, tight t-shirt. When Randy went to introduce himself he laughed because he knew exactly who he was. Zak said that he had always thought it would be really hot to pose naked for a site like RB. Well, he eventually did get in his pants, but sadly not in the way he had intended.  So they arranged for a shoot. Zak’s debut video is so hot.  Enjoy!


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