Introducing Dean Flynn From Naked Sword

According to Dean, before he was a porn star he bided his time as a porn star in-training! "I’d submitted my photos to TitanMen a few years ago, and of course I thought the images I took with my cell phone were acceptable," he says with a laugh. "So, after I finally got some decent pictures taken, I resubmitted everything and received a call to come out for a feature." The fateful pairing between star and studio has recently resulted in a renewal of contract, insuring Dean Flynn as a Titan exclusive through 2009.

After a startlingly hot debut in the latest chapter of the studio’s spy franchise, SpyQuest 3, bloggers couldn’t stop buzzing about this new, all-American heartthrob. His lean physique, toned muscles, dimpled chin, and impressive assets below the waist have slowly but steadily built Dean a bulging base of superfans. Making an appearance at this year’s Folsom Street Fair along with his fellow TitanMen, Dean was one of the most relentlessly pursued stars in the tent — which says a lot in a studio filled with gorgeous men! After starring alongside them in filmes like Campus Pizza, The Road To Redneck Hollow, and the upcoming BarnStorm, Mr. Flynn, at the prime age of 26, has made himself a key piece of Titan Media’s porn dominance.

With a boy-next-door smile and a body to match many of our favorite classic porn legends, Dean Flynn is the perfect choice for the Naked Sword Dream Team. 

Dean’s Stats

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