Introducing Adam and Jack

Here’s one to make many of you guys – he’s finally back! Yep, after 6 months away from BlakeMason, Adam returns for one very passionate session with the very hunky Jack.

Adam and Jack are both real big kissers so the oral action is here in abundance. The guys slowly undress and as the passion builds, hard throbbing cocks emerge which neither of them want to ignore! So begins some great cock-sucking action and plenty of sword play as Adam and Jack move around each others bodies with their mouths. Turned on to the max, Jack decides to sit down on Adam’s lovely meat and ride him. The moans of pleasure are unmistakable, especially when Adam decides to take control and put Jack on his back. With Adam thrusting his cock in to Jack’s tight hole, the feelings or pleasure intensify until Jack can hold off no longer.

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