Welcome Back Brent

Brent has come a long way since his first Randy Blue shoot. The boy that never gave posing nude a thought is now back and better than ever! It has almost been two years since Brent’s solo video made it’s splash on RandyBlue.com. Within an hour of his solo video’s release email flooded in with messages saying how hot members thought he was. It was really a surprise to see that Brent has gotten even hotter- you can tell by his body that he has been spending many hours in the gym after school. Brent still isn’t ready for any man-on-man action (but, hopefully that will change).

Brent has never plunged a toy up his ass before and wasn’t sure if he could do it, so Randy invited Brent over to his place and presented him with a bag of goodies. He gave him a small butt plug, vibrator, and a good-sized dildo. He was speechless of course but knew that practice makes perfect. That night Brent spent hours working on his tight hole in preparation of his very first toy video. He also said that he logged on to the site to watch his co-models in their own toy videos to pick up some pointers. The day of his shoot Bren jumped on the bed like a child on Christmas morning – impatient, overjoyed, and ready to open up his package. And the package that Brent was eager to open was that hot, tight hole of his….hehe… Enjoy Brent’s encore!!

We love ya Brent and that’s a wrap 

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