Introducing Chance Benton At

Chance has such a handsome face and a beautiful body. He’s got a very natural build, one you don’t get from hours at the gym but rather from physical activity like sports (just imagining him playing touch football with his buddies makes me cream my jeans). He really enjoyed being on the site and had a lot of fun at the last shoot so he was all excited to come back. He wasn’t used to playing with his ass so it was a new experience for him but after a little thought he said he would do it. He likes the fact that every time he comes back he gets to try new things and challenge himself. It’s really something to watch him start off with the glass dildo, getting the feel of it, teasing his hole . He has this amazing look of ecstasy on his face as he starts to give in to the feeing of massaging his g-spot with the glistening tool and by the time he’s sliding it in and out he looks like he’s in heaven. And finally, after getting so worked up with his first toy experience, he shoots long ropes of cum that land perfectly along his smooth pecks and flat stomach. Enjoy!

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