Introducing Blaise Thomas At

Randy knew Blaise was tall but when six foot four inches of smokin’ hot stud walks through your door you tend to sit up and take notice. The first thing he noticed were his deep brown puppy dog eyes.

He’s really sweet and has a great open mind. He took off his shirt and pulled down his jeans and that adorable blush came over his face again as his huge hardon flopped noisily against his stomach with a loud ‘thwap’. He’s very athletic and he’s one of the few people who can say he’s got a ‘swimmers body’ because he actually loves to swim. He’s also an avid tennis player as well. You can tell he’s fond of the outdoor sports because of his amazing body and beautiful subtle tan. He was perfectly at ease in front of the camera and really took to the Fleshlight. We’re looking forward to seeing a lot more of Blaise. Enjoy!

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