News From The

Some exciting news from the Fratpad. First is Thanksgiving Thursdays which will begin at 6:00pm pacific. Whats going on here is dinner with all the guys, and should be a great time for everyone.

The Second is HostMaster HumpDays which is a new addition to Wednesday at the pad. This is where everyone can talk to HostMaster John about any concerns, idea’s, or whatever else they may feel they need to say. This will also happen at 6:00pm pacific.

And lastly, we have FratPad Fridays 7:00pm pacific. This will remain and all the wild and crazy antics that go on will as well.

Finally a brief tid-bit about all these pledges that we have for the season to come. We have alot that want to rush but as you know we only have a few spots. We know of three guys for sure that have what it takes to be invited into the Sexiest Fraternity of Men that is Fratmen. 

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