Bad Boy Adrian Joins Fratmen.TV!

 Adrian is known by the guys as the “bad boy Fratmen” and he fits the title well. Adrian is always talking about how he likes to fuck hard, cum harder, and punish his partner with his thick cock.

In scene one you can imagine yourself worshiping Adrian’s body as he sits back on the couch and jacks off. After a hot and horny shower Adrian heads to the bead where he humps it hard, showing off his wild side, before turning over quickly and shooting a second load full of hot spunk.

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Jackson Joins

Jackson Joins

Come chat with the shy and innocent Jackson live only at!

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 What is Fratpad?

Fratpad is the Internet’s first interactive reality show…
where the guys are naked most of the time
and hanging out together.

• Chat with the Fratmen while they work out,
take showers, go about their days with each other and jack off.

• Send the guys private messages and email,
interact LIVE! with the Fratmen and other members.

• Cameras are LIVE! for 14 hours per day, 7 days a week.

• All shows are archived so you can see what you missed
or see it again!

 What else goes on at Fratpad?

• Join the Fratmen as they put on
special weekend warm-up parties on Fratpad Friday
where the guys do something fun, unexpected and new every week.

• Want some one-on-one time with one of the guys?
Private webcam show are available with your favorite Fratmen.

• Check out the Antics with downloadable videos
of the best stuff shot by the guys.

• See exclusive pay-per-view duo shows
where the Fratmen get down and dirty with each other.

• Check out the current residents to see
which of your favorite Fratmen are at the pad right

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