(Travis on left, Brent on right)

Travis And Brent At CorbinFisher.com

As shy as he can be, it sure makes it that much hotter to see Travis coming out of his shell! This hot young man agreed to give topping a shot! His hot face, tight bod, and big dick look great in action, and he gets off on showing off! All of that makes for a definite, up and coming CF star.

Brent was the ideal existing CF star to help Travis take his next step. Brent is as passionate and aggressive as ever. It’s not long before Travis gets caught up on the passion and starts to really get in to the action, that big thick dick of his stiff and ready to go. In fact, not only do we get to see Travis fuck another guy for the very first time ever in this video, but he also spends a fair amount of time sucking on Brent’s hard dick! He wasn’t holding anything back and was up for doing any and everything possible! 

Travis’s dick looks bigger in this video than we’ve ever seen it before! Maybe it’s just the visual of seeing it go in and out of Brent’s hot ass, but both of these studs are looking as hot as ever as they get in to it. In fact, there’s even a point at which the always in charge and aggressive Brent looks like he can’t do anything other than just lay back and surrender his body and hole to Travis’ thrusts. Hot! Hot! Hot! Enjoy!

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