Introducing Heath At

Heath’s a hot, young man that was referred by a friend. He’s from a pretty conservative part of the country but, despite that, was pretty eager to come out here and shoot a vid with CF. His interview was particularly intriguing given his sexual experiences with guys and girls and the unique way he masturbates (that’s one of the fascinating things about masturbating – you condition yourself by how you first start masturbating and it’s often something that stick with you for life as the only way you can get yourself off).  Heath’s another one of those guys that just settles in right away. There was no real shyness or awkwardness from him when he came out to film and, instead, he was comfortable, personable, friendly and outgoing from the get go. That’s always great for me to see because I know they’re that much more likely to be genuine and charismatic during their intro video, rather than so nervous and shy that the interview is like pulling teeth.

Back to Heath’s masturbation technique… despite having been with guys before he has never bottomed. We think the way in which he gets off most easily has a lot to do with that. So CF os going to see if they can’t get him to bottom for the first time ever for us 🙂   Enjoy. 

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