Introducing Joel At

 AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5’7"
BUILD: Athletic
COCK: 6.5" Cut

Joel’s an instant favorite. When he came out to do his shoot and CF got to meet him, chat with him a bit and just be in his presence, CF knew he could really be a hit. He has a great body, great face and smile, and totally endearing personality. What’s more, he’s sexy as all hell. He’s that perfect mix of studly and cute. What’s more… he’s horny! When he started talking about his sexual experienced the crew started to get all hot under the collar, and when he starts stripping down it’s clear he’s already fully hard and ready to go. Joel is insanely horny throughout his jerking off, as well! He’s all over that couch as he works on his dick and we really think he was more turned on and in to it than I’ve seen a guy be in their solo in quite awhile! He wasn’t just jerking off but he was having sex with himself. Here’s hoping we get to see plenty more of Joel! 

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