Tristan At

Tristan, the super hot, super hung 25 year old blond muscle stud, is back this week … in an all new feature, filled with sexual tension and raw attitude entitled “Officer Cox.”  Tristan is the perfect cop, just the way you fantasize a cop should be: tough, filled with attitude, sexy and built like a brick shit house. He’s got that perfect smile; you know the one with the little diamond that sparkles on his bright white teeth … Mr slick dick. But most of all, he’s the cop you’ve always been waiting for, the cop who will force you to do nasty things, who will use you and abuse you. That’s Officer Cox. Tristan starts off the set stripping down and slowly putting on his police uniform, complete with all the cop gear strapped around his waist. He does some great role playing coming into the studio acting like a SWAT team operative tracking down a fugitive. But it doesn’t take him long to get naked, stripping off his heavy boots and dirty black socks. He proudly displays his sweaty feet and keeps on stripping. He teases with some hot ass play as he recounts his “cop” adventures and plays with his socks as he works his huge member to it’s full erect 7 plus inches. His handcuffs become a cock ring keeping his tool rigid as he prepares to end the set, just as you might expect, blowing a creamy load all over his silver badge and soiled shirt. Leave the door cracked for Officier Tristan! 

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