Surfer Stud Donovan New At

Donovan is a surfer dude, and you can even hear it in his voice. Bryan really lets Donovan fly without a net as we get to see him go from soft to hard right before your eyes. We think he wins the Big Dangly Balls Award for this year. He has a jack-off technique that keeps them pinched back, so if he’s been jerkin-off for the last 12 years like that, it’s no wonder his ball sack has become so stretched out. If you like some testicle worship, this is a great video for you.  Also, Donovan is a slow strokin, cockhead stranglin’ type of dude. The thrill of his technique is you REALLY get to see his magnificent cock. No rapid-fire humingbird action that blurs all the goodness! Donovan’s cumshot is epic, as it spits out a pretty fantastic fountain, all this considering he said he had jacked off three times already that day!  The joy of youth lol!

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