Lazaro Perfect Profile Of Masculinity At ChaosMen!

Can you believe how hot and masculine this dude is? Truly he is a man’s man and there is not much one could find in fault with him. He’s more mature than recent models (If you can call 27 ‘mature’). But he is definitely an adult male, and his body hair and shape screams masculinity. He has an engaging smile with perfect teeth, and when you go South of the border you will find a nice cock with lefty curve to it. He hails from the heartland, so has been tanning to try to stave off Winter pallor. So he does have a few white spots where the fake sun don’t shine. Lazaro is a former body builder who has recently gotten back into shape ‘naturally’. He has been hitting it hard for this shoot, and I think it shows. His guns are awesome!

We like hanging and talking with him. Bryan can tell what a difference 5-6 years makes when communicating with him versus the younger models. His interests are a bit more mature. He is relaxed and confident in himself. Confident enough, that Brayan believes he will be able to get Serviced by another dude.

So stay tuned for more Lazaro! 

CLICK Here to take the XXX Chaos tour

CLICK Here to take the XXX Chaos tour

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